Japanese living room decor

Japanese living room decor

The Japanese style is very special and different from all other Asian styles. The simplicity comes from the regular shapes of the furniture, the good organization of the elements in the room and the free space around them. Japanese homes also bring nature inside through large, expansive windows that allow for a view of nature from every angle.

Japanese style living rooms have that simplicity, that comfort, that serenity and modernity, sometimes ultra-minimalist elements, and the word Zen sums it all up. Clean and tidy living, adhering to balance, order, ancient customs and love for natural beauty – that is what a Japanese living room is all about. How can you add a Japanese flair to your living room?

color palette

Japanese houses are usually decorated in natural colors derived from the brown of the wooden elements and the green of the plants. Gray and neutral tones are common in all rooms. The result is a calming, soothing modern space. Don’t forget houseplants to bring more nature indoors. Adding traditional Japanese plants like bonsai and bamboo to your home gives it a little Japanese cultural touch. Fill the house with natural light – make large windows and ceiling openings with skylights. Try to keep your windows clear of obstructions. However, if this is not possible, choose a simple bamboo screen or transparent, gauzy curtain panels.

Japanese style furniture

Japanese-style living rooms aren’t crowded or filled with furniture. Most of the furniture is usually low, modern, laconic, and there are floor pillows. You can buy a traditional Japanese hot table called a kokatsu, which is used for everything from tea to study. Place your furniture on a tatami, a traditional Japanese mat. Another option is to use modern clear furniture made of natural wood. The lighting should be angular and modern.

Wood and bamboo decor

Natural wood elements are one of the best ways to harmonize space and they are characteristic of every Asian interior. Very popular in Eastern homes, bamboo is a great wood species. Bamboo will add a cool Japanese flavor to your room. Each clean and serene room is accented with bamboo and has an Asian-inspired look.

Japanese style sliding doors or screens

Screens are an indispensable part of Japanese homes as they are often small and it is important to save every inch of space. An authentic Japanese screen is called a shoji and is an essential design element in Japanese homes. Modern versions of such screens are commercially available and are sure to add a cool Asian flair to your home, even if they are not partitions, just wall decorations.