Stylish functional children’s furniture

Stylish and functional children’s furniture isn’t seen that often, but today’s collection is definitely about those traits. Furniture brand Tink Things is on a mission to revolutionize the way kids grow, so they have more fun and are empowered. Considering different ways children interact with the environment is used as a starting point for designing furniture that better suits children’s sensory needs. The idea of ​​the new chairs is to create more dynamic, encouraging and enjoyable spaces for children that are truly inclusive.

The Ika rocking chair does not have a fixed seat on which children can not only move, but which also encourages constant rocking and jumping. It’s fun, but more importantly, it supports kids when they need a little boost or a moment to enjoy a playful fidget.

The Mia Hoodie Chair by Tink Things with a fabric seat hugs children and provides mild soothing under deep pressure that increases serotonin levels and helps with stress. If the child feels overwhelmed, they can pull up the cocoon and partially isolate themselves hoodie-style. The products are made from natural, sustainable and high-tech materials such as solid ash wood, 3D mesh and aluminium. They are tested and certified with Oeko-Tex® 100 & FSC certificates and EU tests for strength, durability, safety and stability.

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