Mermaid Bathroom Ideas

Mermaid bathroom ideas

MERMAID BATHROOM IDEAS – Mermaid has long been passed down from generation to generation as a beautiful fairy tale. The story captures the hearts of people, both adults and children, all over the world.

As an alternative for your young children, practice the mermaid bathroom style. Introduce them to the pretty woman with the half fish body. We offer 10 mermaid bathroom patterns, one of which will suit your preferences or your children’s tastes.

Sweet mermaid bath

Sweet mermaid bath

Realizing a mermaid bath shouldn’t cost you a big budget. Buying such a mermaid curtain is enough to bring fairy tale mode to the bathroom. All you have to do is choose the model of curtain that suits the children’s desires.

The mermaid curtain underlines the beautiful look of the icon. There are starfish and other sweeteners on their heads. The mermaid is described as a beautiful and feminine figure with hair arranged in this way.

The curtain serves as a partition wall for the bathroom, which looks cozy with the wooden floor.

Nice mermaid bath


You can try out another mermaid’s personality. The picture shows her cheerful and friendly nature. She is described as a woman who loves to smile in the curtain. The curtain also contains the mermaid’s surroundings.

Looking at the curtains can help your young children learn about marine life. We tend to call the bathroom the sweet one with the other adorable ornaments. The mirror style and the sink must look so expensive to your kids.

The bathroom even completes the area with the phone that can act as a toy for your children.

Light mermaid bath


This goes further than showing off a mermaid curtain. The bathroom completes the mermaid umbrella with the fabric, the towels and even the cover of the hand soap. The dominant shade of blue makes the bathroom look very bright.

As with the second idea, the bathroom is taken over by the smiling mermaid. The mermaid is accompanied by her friends who are fish and marine plants. Your little kids would love the whole mermaid item as the aspect can liven up their mood.

As for the basics of the bathroom, the area contains the bathtub and cute storage space that is enough for the kids.

Twilight mermaid bathroom


We recommend an example for teenagers or adults. We come to this advice because of the twilight concept that envelops the bathroom. The atmosphere helps teenagers or adults feel peaceful here.

The bathroom chooses the mermaid curtain, which has a similar image with the second example. However, the bathroom looks nicer and more complex. It places the mirror style that appears fashionable along with the lamps.

The bathroom is painted blue and describes the sea as a habitat for mermaids. And finally, the storage style looks really nice with the wavy edge.

Comfortable mermaid bath


For the bathroom, mermaid and nautical sub styles work together. The bathroom accommodates the two sub-models for the curtain that serves as a partition. The bathroom feels light thanks to the soft blue and white tones.

The same curtain design also applies to the valance of the bathroom. As for the bathroom, we see that it includes the bathtub and a cute storage space. You can move the memory because of its small size.

The fabrics, the towels, the hand soap cover and the mug also have the mermaid and navy design. Comfortable and cute.

Nice mermaid bath


Refreshed and beautiful. The mermaid’s bathroom takes up the curtain design that embraces the modern mermaid with the hairstyle. The mermaid looks very happy while posing in the blue water.

The mermaid design shows up in the fabrics, towels and even in the closet. We believe the mermaid bath orders the same design for the aspects of the bathroom. This is what makes the mermaid colored bathroom so strong.

Blue, white and pink all help make the bathroom look very pretty.


Let’s play with wall painting. The bathroom looks remarkable because it dares to spend money on the representation of the life of the mermaid for the bathroom. Unless you are a painter, you will need to hire an artist to draw the view.

You can see the result is so rewarding. The mermaid is described as an elegant woman who sails across the depths of the sea to enjoy her life. The bathtub is surrounded by wooden boxes that we often see in a shipwreck.

We love that the mural includes the rounded windows we see on a ship.

Fantastic mermaid bath


You can create a mermaid bath without a mermaid picture. Try to practice the example that highlights the calm life under the sea. The bathroom paints the area in a way that is both rough and natural at the same time.

We like the hole that becomes the entrance to the shower area. In addition, the bathroom has coastal accessories and cute lamps. A very fantastic idea that will bring out a cute mermaid bath.

Modified mermaid bath


This looks really different from the previous examples. If you don’t want to include a mermaid picture, practice the idea. The bathroom chooses the wallpaper that depicts ocean life with the different types of fish.

In addition, the bathroom chooses the rounded windows that we often see on a ship. On top of the cabinet is a basket with the coastal items. The example confirms that you can try other colors than blue.

Amazing mermaid bath

Source: YouTube by SunshineSprinkles

Such a complete mermaid bath. Our final recommendation has everything you need to create an excellent mermaid bath. Mermaid pictures hang on the wall in the bathroom.

The bathroom contains the area with the blue curtains. When you combine the soft blues and pinks, the bathroom looks gorgeous. There is pink seating here so your children can relax while playing.

And thumbs up for the bathroom floor that depicts ocean life.


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