Colorful kitchen utensils

Colorful kitchen utensils

The kitchen is usually a practical space that is usually rather quiet and not everyone dares to rock bold colors there. Even if the owner dares, he or she usually rocks a colorful kitchen splashback or cabinets or accessories – nothing else. But one of the latest trends that seems to be back now is colored kitchen appliances. Kitchen appliances are usually white, grey, stainless steel and black. Now imagine what a bold statement you will make with a colorful fridge! Interested? Let’s look at some examples.


A bold, colorful fridge is a chic idea for making a statement, and there are plenty of colors to rock to. Shades of red, yellow, green, mint, blue and pink – you can find literally everything. If your kitchen is neutral, a colored fridge will make a cool, colorful statement, and even if it’s bold, a fridge like this will set the mood. The more rustic or neutral your kitchen is, the more contrasting a colored fridge will look, and that’s amazing. Look for a perfect piece among Smeg fridges – there are plenty of chic pieces in all the colors of the rainbow.


Make your cooking process more special and interesting with colored stove. Your stove could be orange, yellow, green, blue, copper or anything else – find something contrasting. A gorgeous emerald green or blue stove looks very stylish with copper or brass details, and a deep purple double boiler with extra drawers and a matching utensil is a chic idea. The hood may not match a more contrasting look. However, if the rest of the kitchen is different, you don’t need it.

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Colorful cooking utensils spice up the whole process and inspire you to cook something special every time. Rock any color you like: mint, pink, yellow, emerald, copper, or any other, and I highly recommend rocking the same color on the fridge, stove, and appliances to make them all stand out. Get inspired!