Portable and smokeless fire pit

The outdoor season has begun and in some places it’s still a long way off, so finding cool fire pits, outdoor pizza ovens and grills is still very much on the agenda. Today we are sharing a very cool piece, a fire pit that is sure to become a star of your backyard or any other place you go as it is portable.

BioLite’s FirePit takes the best parts of a campfire, removes the worst parts, and packs them into a portable package that not only lets you grill, but also charges your devices.

An internal four-speed fan forces air through 51 nozzles, producing extremely efficient combustion that produces far less smoke than a traditional fire. It will burn either wood or charcoal. Since the network case is largely transparent, you can observe the fire inside. It looks very appealing and you can enjoy some s’mores, sausages and mushrooms grilled on it! With a weight of only 30 kg and foldable legs, the FirePit is easy to transport. The laconic design makes it perfect for any modern space. Try it and buy it!

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