Home in bright colors

Home in bright colors

Louisville Road House was built in South London between 1888 and 1910 and 2LG Studio was invited to refurbish the house. The home is owned by a couple with a young child who had restored the home to good condition over the past few years but felt it still lacked a cohesive aesthetic.

When 2LG Studio was brought on board it decided to add color to any living space. They’d received some lovely vintage pieces from the family and there was already some strong artwork the couple bought together – this helped the studio get a strong idea of ​​their style.

Most of the work was done in the living room, which clients said was primarily used as a thoroughfare rather than a place to sit and relax. The walls here are now painted dark pink, based on the pink detailing seen on the room’s existing stone fireplace. In the center of the room is a deep purple rug with wobbly edges. Leftover stickers and barcode labels are still visible in translucent areas of the chart. The back of the room features more comfortable light gray seating and a sea flower patterned floor designed by 2LG Studio. Tiered white lights hang from the ceiling in both areas, which the studio said offer minimal glimpses of the traditional chandelier.

Steel blue finishes appear throughout the upstairs master bedroom. The bathroom walls are clad in light marble while baby blue tiles cover the floor. The same shade of blue applies to the faucets and the rim of the fluted glass shower screen. Below the bathroom mirror is a custom coral orange vanity with fluted lacquered doors. Baby blue tiles and a coral pool are also featured in the guest shower room, also updated from the studio.

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