Focus on contemporary space

We’ve already shared a few focus areas in the living room – built in and common, but most require a lot of modification and effort to incorporate unless you’ve planned it beforehand. If you’ve just found a space and want to add an accent without radical changes, this roundup is for you. Check out the ideas we have prepared!

accent wallpaper

Accent walls with wallpaper are a very simple and cool idea for creating a focal point, and even if you rent, removable wallpaper is also available. When entering the room, choose the wall with the greatest visual impact. Then use bold graph paper to draw the eye and anchor other elements like furniture, lighting, and artwork.

gallery walls

A gallery wall is a very popular decor element that requires some effort to style, but still not too much. You can go for all the pieces and colors that suit your space: combine art, things you took on vacation, wooden signs and even framed tickets or cards. Add decorative baskets, plates, your own family pictures and other items you like. Taken together, your stuff looks stronger and can act as an anchor point for your furniture.

Oversized mirrors

Mirrors are an easy way to draw focus and make a room look a lot bigger than it is. Look for mirrors with interesting frames from estate sales and antique stores, or make a suitable frame for your mirror – there are countless DIYers who can tell you how. And remember, mirrors always look smaller when you place them in a room. So go bigger than you think you have to.

urban jungle

If you love an organic look, use plants as the main feature of your room. It’s a great way to add color and texture, freshen up the space and make it feel like you’re outdoors. Try to get focus by grouping plants of different heights. Use pots and stands to change the heights until you can get it just right, making sure each plant gets the sun it prefers.