Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas

Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas isn’t as far as it seems, so why not dive into all that charming stuff? Think of your Christmas decorations, how do you see them? Traditional, vintage, Scandinavian or rustic? Today we have summarized some images for those who are interested in something modern – examples of minimalist Christmas decor. Black, grey, white and natural wood – these are the main components here. Then use your imagination to create a perfect minimalist atmosphere: branches with garlands instead of a tree, black balls, concrete vases for branches, transparent acrylic trees and much more on the minimalist tables or just on the floor. Check out the ideas below and find your own inspiration for your minimalist Christmas party!


Minimalism is about minimalist colors – you can create more contrast with black and white or you can go for a softer color scheme of gray and white. Incorporate natural colors – green and different shades of wood – and make your minimalist decor more variable.

Natural decor

Christmas trees can be decorated in a minimalist way with 3D paper ornaments, pompoms, lights, candles and white clay ornaments. You can also skip any decor and just buy Christmas lights or nothing at all. Eucalyptus and other greenery can be used to decorate your mantels and shelves, and to make wreaths and garlands. Evergreen garlands and wreaths are great for minimal decor with a natural feel, and you can put pine cones in jars and bowls as centerpieces.

Different decor

Use wooden beads, 3D paper ornaments for a minimalist Christmas decoration, choose minimal candle holders, put candles in bottles, make minimalist Christmas signs and pieces of art that you will love. Get more minimalist Christmas decor ideas below!

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