Thanksgiving pumpkin decorations for the home

Thanksgiving pumpkin decorations for the home

There is no Thanksgiving without pumpkins as they are a true symbol of that cozy family holiday. Get some pumpkins and decorate your table, mantel, porch and anything else you want. You can decorate pumpkins with paints, stencils, letters and different patterns. Mix them up with other veggies for a traditional edible centerpiece. Place pumpkins and gourds in wooden crates and add hay and candles for a cool table runner or centerpiece. Pumpkins make great vases, and smaller ones can be placed in vases for decoration. Check out the following ideas and make your Thanksgiving celebration more cozy and traditional.

pumpkin decor

How do I decorate pumpkins for Thanksgiving? The most obvious idea is to add letters to them – something holiday-related. Another option is to carve the pumpkins, but you should go for something cozy and neutral, e.g. B. Carve a leaf into the pumpkin and turn it into a candle lantern. Paint or stencil the pumpkin in the colors you like, add sequins, beads and rhinestones – whatever you like to make your pumpkin perfect.

pumpkin arrangements

Make a cool pumpkin arrangement as a centerpiece or just decorate your outdoor and indoor spaces. Combine your pumpkins with leaves, nuts, acorns, twigs, berry branches, moss balls, wheat and pampas grass, put your arrangement in a bell, on a tray, in a basket, in a vase, in a bowl, in an urn or whatever suits your space and style. Check out these arrangements and get inspired to recreate anything you like! Winemana Thanksgiving Artificial Pumpkins Home.
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