Minimalist concrete block house

F Residence, the combined home and office of Go Fujita, founder of architecture firm Gosize, reflects a distinctive Japanese aesthetic that favors natural materials and finds beauty in simplicity. The house is located in Hyogo, in a beautiful natural environment, selected as one of the top 100 places in Japan to see cherry blossoms.

Gosize founder and project architect, Go Fujita designed his home and office with an emphasis on simplicity and empty spaces indoors, creating a wealth of connections to the outside world. On the ground floor, the Doma, a tiled area that can be walked on without taking off your shoes, is built with a double height ceiling and opens inwards to a private courtyard and water feature where the plants and water change slightly seasonally water sounds evoke a keen sense of time. As movement increases, interior spaces are becoming ever more open to the environment, offering an opportunity to synchronize with nature and open to the outside world.

This residence and office is intended to serve as a place to reconnect with the nature-based wisdom and spiritual culture passed down to us by our ancestors and to quietly review the life of the architect himself.

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