Time of nostalgia in your home design | Vintage

Time of nostalgia in your home design | Vintage

The vintage interior design style of houses and apartments merges with a solid, elegant and romantic ambience, where the interior is more reserved, giving an antique atmosphere, pleasant sensations and a feeling as if it has been familiar for a long time.

We use the term vintage a lot these days. It can be said that the roots of this type of objects lie in ancient eras, expressing a certain time in the recent past and describing a new design created by combining them with today’s elements.

Vintage designs are made from old items and are characterized by simple, graceful features and indescribable charm in interior design. At this point, the word vintage should be understood more deeply in order to make a distinction. So here is the question; Can any old item be considered vintage? There is an exact answer to this question. We cannot define every item as vintage because the age of items used in vintage design is up to 100 years.

We can consider items that have existed for more than 100 years as antiques. The vintage covers a period between 1930 and 1960.

In other words, what makes a product vintage is the fact that it was made and used in the past. The reason why vintage style is generally preferred is because it adds a stylish atmosphere to your home.

When decorating your interior, you need to make a detailed choice by considering vintage-style elements as if they were used individually and consist of simple, romantic and elegant designs.

Vintage designs are often solid and exclusive pieces that have a different soul and great craftsmanship compared to those made today. It is known that the latest fashionable furniture products and trends are in high demand today. If you choose vintage furniture for your Kiev, you should know that it never goes out of style. There is no need to replace pieces of this style every year, which also includes art deco, Scandinavian style and modern furniture.