Minimalist bedside table and chest of drawers Flin by Lema

While the Flin collections of Lema dressers and nightstands are not new, it was only recently unveiled at the 2009 Salon Internazionale del Mobile. The collection consists of 1 bedside table with drawers and chests of drawers with 3 or 6 drawers. It is available in various wood and glossy lacquered finishes and goes well with any modern bed. All of the dressers and nightstands have built-in handles to give them a clean linear shape that makes them so minimalist. Any modern bedroom environment requires plenty of storage space for everyone’s clothes, so dressers always come in handy. Although there are other manufacturers of minimalist dressers, Flin by Lema is worth checking out as it has its own style thanks to unusual built-in handles.

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