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Guest Bedroom Ideas

Guest Bedroom Ideas

Ideas for guest bedrooms

GUEST ROOM IDEAS – Sometimes it happens that you have extended families or a large group of friends. During big celebrations, you can stay overnight and wait for the next flight plans.

Or maybe your house will become the home base of the extended families, which means they will most likely stay during the family reunions. So we collect 10 guest rooms with which you can feel at home.

Trendy guest room

Trendy guest room
Source: thespruce.com

A shared guest room contains some important elements of the bedroom. A bed, a desk, a chair and a wardrobe are all you need for a cozy guest room. Don’t forget to complete a guest room with windows to ensure healthy air circulation.

Our first example corresponds to the typical elements of the guest room. In addition, the bedroom fills the space with the trendy decorations that color the bedroom wall. The guest room follows a branch-and-stick concept. The bed can accommodate up to two adults.

The chair above the bed can be used to chat before leaving the bedroom.

Guest rooms on the coast

Guest rooms on the coast
Source: Coastalliving.com

You can take advantage of this seaside guest room even if your home is not on the coast. The guest room on the coast is inspired by the gentle and liberating feelings that we mostly experience during our beach vacation.

So choose blue and white for the duvet, bed and pillows as shown in the picture. Surround the bedroom with the large windows and set the blue sky as seen here. Put the comfortable chair in one of the corners of the bedroom.

The bedroom feels comfortable and airy. Both adults and children can sleep well in the bedroom.

Wonderful guest room

Wonderful guest room
Source: idealhome.co.uk

Make sure that your guests enjoy a nice guest room, as the example shows. Neutral colors create a soft ambience that brings your guests’ thoughts to rest. The bedroom can also be used for small children.

The bedroom chooses the floral ceiling, red rose and pink pillow. The simple choice makes the bedroom look pretty. Another variation results from the round carpet and the gray and white mural.

The overall picture of the bedroom is therefore wonderful and offers hours of sleeping comfort.

Admirable guest room

Admirable guest room
Source: idealhome.co.uk

We admire how this guest room chooses a completely gray concept for the region. From the wall painting to the decoration, the guest room wears gray from its soft hue. The bedroom feels so delicate and cozy.

The bedroom chooses the short and simple bed that can accommodate a maximum of two adults. The bed can accommodate more than two small children. The bedroom has fashionable pendant lights. The small decorations are over the top of the bed.

Complement the bed with the small desks to store guests’ belongings.

Great guest room

Great guest room
Source: bhgre.com

This paints a dreamy guest room for everyone. Large and airy, guests can experience qualified sleep hours with the color combination. There are the windows and the glass door to bring fresh light and air in and out.

The bed looks bulky and comfortable. The bed can accommodate up to two adults or more than two small children. The guests of the house can keep their suitcases under the bed. You can put them on the long chair above the bed.

You can sit on the large carpet with the children while you prepare for departure.

Notable guest room
Source: choicehomewarranty.com

For the second time, the color combination for the guest room leads to this extraordinary look. This time the guest room mixes a strong shade of blue with white. The brownish shade appears on the floor.

The blue hue and white work side by side. You can see how great the collaboration between the mural, pillow, blanket and rug is. The guests of the house can stow their valuables in the wooden tables.

You can put your bags on the bench-like chair. Or just lay them on the floor and then sleep on the comfortable bed.

Nice guest room

Nice guest room
Source: shutterfly.com

In this example, the modern vintage bed style is chosen with the super soft bedspread, blanket and pillow in neutral colors. The guests of the house can take up the beautiful, classic bedroom tables with the fresh flowers on them.

The desks contain cute decorations, including books. The bed can accommodate up to two adults or more than two small children. Get the warm feeling with the brownish shade. The brown floor increases the warmth of the bedroom.

Use the crockery basket to store dirty clothes. Guests can put them in their pockets before leaving home.

Exceptional guest room
Source: goodhousekeeping.com

Artistic furnishings and decorations fill this relatively small guest room. The long wooden table and the small wooden tables make the bedroom look earthy. The decorations on the desks look cute and cool.

Our greeting goes to the bright, colorful tone in the bedroom. This can be seen on the bedspread and the blanket. The tribal feel fills the bedroom when viewed from the backdrop.

Orange, brown and purple make this guest room an extraordinary area, among other things.

Cozy guest room

Cozy guest room
Source: deringhall.com

Simple and functional are two words associated with this example of a guest room. If you take one of the beds, the guests of the house can all sleep together in the bedroom. In other words, the bedroom can accommodate a lot of adults and even small children.

Gray, white and brown contribute to the feeling of well-being in the bedroom. In the large guest room, all guests can simply put their luggage and belongings on the desk and the floor.

Double room, simple guest room

Double room, simple guest room
Source: amazadesign.com

In our last example, double beds are provided like in a hotel room. Each of the beds can accommodate up to two small children. The guest room prioritizes beds over everything else. Therefore there is not much additional furniture to be seen here.

Just the little table with the lamp that separates the two beds. House guests can put their luggage and belongings on the floor if there is no wardrobe.

For a night or two, this guest room is more than enough.

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