Personal chocolate fondue

Making fondue is a friend-time process that some people have become a fan of lately. It could make a great desert or appetizer depending on the type of fondue you’re making. Desert fondues are usually made with melted chocolate that people can put small pieces of different fruits in. After a while, however, one can become addicted to such a desert. There’s just one small problem – fondue is usually for a lot of people.

Dutch designer Jakob Wagner has created a beautiful desktop device that can solve the problem. It’s a personal fondue, not much larger than a plain mug. Some people think Jakob is one of the leading designers in Scandinavia at the moment and they are probably right. Thanks to his concept we were now able to buy such a personal fondue from Menu (Scandinavian producer).

The chocolate in such a fondue is heated with a tea light in the lower part of the cup. The top part is constructed like a thermos mug to hold the chocolate liquid without burning. You can buy it here for just £30.

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