Awesome chalkboard decor ideas for kids room

We’ve discussed many ways to use chalkboards in different spaces – from kitchens to bedrooms, but I forgot about the little ones! Your child’s room will be just exciting with these table touches! Making the chalkboard is a cool idea because all children are very creative and often want to paint, paint or chalk directly on the walls – decor like this gives them that opportunity. You can only make a chalkboard wall if you’re not ready for the entire black room. A fun idea is to paint the chest of drawers with chalkboard paint: this way your children can write what’s inside. Get more creative ideas below and turn your nursery into a creative paradise!

36 exciting ideas to decorate children's rooms with colored chalkboard.
Chalk it up - strollers in the city |  Nursery decor, chalkboard.
33 Awesome Chalkboard D├ęcor Ideas For Kids' Rooms - DigsDi

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