Kitchen Island Storage Ideas

Kitchen island storage ideas

KITCHEN ISLAND STORAGE IDEAS – It feels incomplete when a kitchen island has no storage space. Kitchen island with storage space seems to be very common in the modern kitchen as additional space for objects, from pieces of bread to dishes.

Storage on kitchen islands offers many modern kitchen owners more space to store items due to the limited space available for the kitchens. That’s why we offer a list of island kitchen storage models here that can inspire you to find one next.

Luxurious storage space for kitchen islands

Luxurious storage space for kitchen islands

We hope that due to the incomplete picture, you can see the storage space on this kitchen island. We call this luxurious because the entire kitchen island is made of solid, high-quality wooden materials, including for storage.

In fact, the kitchen island storage doesn’t contain a lot of drawers. In this one drawer that you see in this picture, you can store keys, bills, favorite family recipes and much more. Under the drawer you can put biscuits or biscuits that can last a long time.

You can close the drawer to keep it safe and out of the reach of children.

Complete storage of the kitchen island


You will find three storage models on this kitchen island. Each of the storage types can contain for a specific item type. For example, private items such as banknotes and keys can be stored in the drawers of the storage unit.

Larger items can be stored in the larger warehouse. There is an open storage compartment that can hold baskets of fresh vegetables. All of the storage space fits in a large kitchen as we can see in this picture.

This kitchen island with storage space can help you store groceries and dishes for a frequent family gathering with extended family members.

Bold drawers as kitchen island storage


Eye-catching drawers in this kitchen island storage refer to black lacquered drawers that have a bold feel to them. This property comes from black as one of the colors that can deliver a bold tone.

This kitchen island uses black wood storage. Classic and strong, this kitchen island storage system consists of just a few drawers. Most of the kitchen island takes shape in the form of wooden stands to support the marble table above.

You can choose this storage model if you are looking for drawers to store private items when you think there are a lot of drawers in the kitchen.

Cute kitchen island storage


Are you looking for a “hidden storage space” to keep your trays and dirty glasses away from your guests? Try this one of a kind kitchen island storage. This oval kitchen island contains “hidden storage space” that looks like a cavity. In this cavity you will see a tray with glasses.

The storage space can help you keep the kitchen island clean if guests or friends suddenly pass by your house. At the same time, you don’t wash dirty glasses on the tray. So better hide them from your guests or friends!

Don’t let them know that this bright kitchen has some “flaws”!

Multifunctional kitchen island storage


This kitchen island storage plays multiple roles. Not only as a storage place for smaller items in the drawer, but also as a storage place for artistic decorations. You can see the beautiful pottery behind the drawers. That reminder doesn’t stop at the already useful roles.

You can see that the storage space contains a larger drawer with a metal cover. We believe this can safely hold private documents and invoices. You can put electricity and water bills in this drawer. Put them all in the drawer.

The whole kitchen island looks so classy and vintage. This matches the luxurious and classic tones of the entire kitchen.

Minimalist kitchen island storage with lots of drawers


We count at least six drawers filling this kitchen island storage. This does not apply to storage compartments under the drawers. So you can imagine how much storage space there is on this one kitchen island.

From keys to cookies, you can keep them all in the island’s storage space. Storage on the kitchen island looks minimalist and adapts to the appearance of the entire kitchen.

Therefore, the kitchen island storage system does not overwhelm the kitchen despite the many drawers.

Intact kitchen island storage


This kitchen island storage contains complete storage models from fair to large drawers. You can also display a different storage model within this kitchen island. Each of them records for different types of elements.

Customize which item category fits into each warehouse model. The kitchen island storage uses wood materials that can protect stored items from dust. Complete the drawers with keys to keep the items safe.

The storage space of the kitchen island is supplemented by a wooden table on which a teapot, cups and glasses can be placed before they are served to guests or relatives.

Open kitchen island storage


This kitchen island uses a wooden table made up of two layers. The layers can serve as a shelf for clean glasses, plates, cups and bowls. You can also place glasses and cooking utensils on one of the shelves next to the sink immediately after cleaning.

Put fruit, ketchup bottles, sausage and other condiments on the table. This simple but clever storage for kitchen islands offers you a special advantage. You can easily tell which eating utensils need to be tidied up after leaving them untouched for days.

Storage for kitchen island in the chest


This kitchen island storage seems to be one of a kind. It is inspired by the chest or the cupboard. This kitchen island storage uses two chests that you can open and close. This storage space looks minimalist thanks to its wooden materials.

The storage also looks elegant with the look wrapped in white. You can place various items like cookies, syrups, sausage bottles, and ketchup that can be served later.

Soft kitchen island with bookcase

Source: Pinterest

We end our kitchen island storage ideas with this one-of-a-kind recommendation. This soft kitchen island is completed with a bookcase. We call it that because the books sit well on the shelf.

Of course, you can replace the books with other items such as kitchen decorations or dishes. The last suggestion can also serve as an open storage that allows you to borrow items without opening or closing any drawers.


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