Bank for breastfeeding mothers

Whether you think breastfeeding should be done privately or in a place chosen by a mother, one thing is certain: the overall comfort level during this process needs to be improved. All the problems with breastfeeding in public can be summed up in one word: discomfort. Ailments in the physical sense are obvious, but the mental ailments caused by wandering eyes and possible judgmental looks can be just as widespread. But today there is a solution to this problem – Heer Bank!

Heer is a bank dedicated to making everyone happy when it comes to the still controversial act of public breastfeeding that falls somewhere between the remote and the outdoors. The swivel chair at the end of the bench offers a discreet place to sit on request, but also a more social option when the mother has company or is completely comfortable without a barrier. The swivel chair also rocks gently, helping to soothe and relax baby.

Heer’s concept was developed by Prague design studio 52hours, who then collaborated with Belgrade-based industrial designer Nikola Knezevic to bring the physical product to life.