Vintage Furniture – our precious heritage

Vintage furniture is a legacy of human civilization. It takes a few years back, but our home is well equipped and our life is comfortable. You may have inherited some rare and unique vintage furniture from your grandma or grandpa.

These are valuable and must be set and maintained correctly so that they can be used optimally. They may need some repair work like hammering some nails to keep them strong and structurally intact. Check an old chair, table, or even a bookshelf before placing it in your living room.

There are tricks you can use to make your ordinary furniture look antique and vintage. You must be wondering what that’s like. The first thing you notice about a piece of wood furniture that it goes with is the color check. Scratched and faded colors are hallmarks of vintage furniture. Design also plays a big role, but most chests, cabinets, chairs and tables are neutral in design. You can count them as vintage or modern, the design doesn’t make much of a difference.

Now back to the point of making your new furniture look vintage! Paint the furniture with two different colors. The first layer can be white and the second can be light brown, green, dark brown, blue or any other color you like. After painting the two layers, take the sandpaper and scratch the colors in a stylish way.

Corners, edges, random parts of the surface and vertices are easily scratched with the sandpaper. This will reveal the layers of paint without a pattern and give your furniture a real vintage look. Try this trick and enjoy a great living room with classy vintage furniture!

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