Ways to incorporate Ikea Malm Dresser into your decor

Malm dresser from IKEA is a brilliant piece, I have never seen a simpler yet more ingenious item for storage! It is suitable for all types of interiors: glamorous, minimalist, modern, retro, Scandinavian, rustic and so on – any style you can imagine. It can be easily hacked to fit any space: it can be a bedside table for a bedroom, a changing table for a child’s room, a dresser for your closet, a storage piece for a home office. Repaint it, add patterns, colors and buttons, or just add texture to the drawers – it’s like a blank sheet of paper waiting for your creativity to take hold. Click here for handy DIY instructions on how to hack a Malm dresser.

IKEA Malm dresser hacks

How to hack IKEA Malm dressers? The simplest idea is to spruce up your dresser with a few handles, pulls and knobs – metallic, glass, wood or other to give your dresser an instant new look. Another option is to repaint your dresser with some colors – completely, with only a few drawers, or with an ombre or gradient effect. You can easily freshen up your Malm dresser with contact paper or wallpaper by simply attaching it to the item or some drawers. Adding countertops, metallic corners, weathered wood panels and geometric decorative panels – these are just a few hacks that you may or may not combine with the previous ones. Change the function of the dresser and make it a TV unit, a changing table for a child’s room or an under bed storage item. Check out the catchy hacks below!

Ways to integrate IKEA Malm Dresser

Integrating an IKEA Malm chest of drawers into your home decor is easy: Malm chests of drawers are very neutral and fit easily into minimalist, Scandinavian, modern, boho and contemporary spaces. It’s welcome everywhere from closets to nurseries, and even without the hacks it’ll be a great idea. You can also place some Malm dressers under the bed to maximize storage without cluttering up the space – this is a fantastic solution for a child’s bedroom. You can even build an entire wall of IKEA Malm dressers sharing the space with them – you get plenty of storage space.