Halloween food drink stations

Halloween food drink stations

When planning a Halloween party, you not only need a proper table setting and decorations, but also some holiday food and drink stations. How to decorate the latter for the upcoming Halloween? Check out these decorating ideas and get inspired!

Halloween food stations

Decide on the colors – match the party decor and the same goes for the style. A food station – a dessert table, buffet table, or other station – can be decorated in a variety of ways, starting with a tablecloth or table runner that’s appropriate for Halloween – it can be made of black lace and look like a spider web, or just a black spider web. Then add details and decor: skulls and skeletons, spiders and cobwebs, candles and lights, and pumpkins decorated in a variety of ways—painted, stenciled, dipped, or carved. Adding witchy elements to the decor is a popular idea. You can serve some food in witch hats hanging on the broom and put some desserts in cauldrons. Add any details and elements that you really like that go with your party decor and complete the train station look with spooky food!

Halloween Drink Stations

There is no party without a drink station or bar cart, and you can decorate them in a variety of ways for Halloween too. Cover the station with a tablecloth or rug. If it is a bar cart, skip this step. Then decorate the station with skulls, skeletal hands, pumpkins that allow you to store bottles in ice, add bats, snakes, spiders and anything else you want. Keep an eye on the barware, it should also match the decor! This can be black shakers, black glasses, skeleton hands with glasses, etc. Let yourself be inspired!

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