Renovate a nursery on a budget

Many of us design nurseries while waiting, which means that your desires and preferences may be different before and after, or some solutions may not be as convenient as you used to think. If for any reason you want a change, you don’t have to spend a lot of money again. Just stick to some simple, easy-to-use home renovations. Here are some ideas!


Walls are the most obvious idea for renovating and freshening up a space, and a nursery is no exception. Paint, decal, wallpaper and stencils are welcome to decorate the children’s room differently or to create a single statement wall that adds a bold touch. You can also try other ideas, e.g. B.: B. Wood to cover a wall. The more contrasting it is, the cooler and bolder your look will be. Disguises are also a cool idea, they are timeless and chic. You can choose different colors to make the nursery more welcoming.


A crib is the main piece of furniture in any child’s room, and all the decor is built around it. Changing the crib is a cool idea, whether you’re redecorating it or buying a new piece. You can work with bright colors to add a colorful touch to the children’s room and then add some accessories in the same color. Another idea is to buy a new piece – a chic iron bed for a vintage nursery, a black and white bed for a monochrome room, a rattan crib for a boho-chic nursery. Add a color matching canopy for a dreamy touch, and voila!


Accessories are things that can easily change and refresh any room without breaking the bank. Accessories can elevate decor, add color and pattern, add a lustrous touch to nature and feel, depending on what you use. Define the style of your nursery and the colors you want and hurry up in stores or on the web for some tutorials! Greenery and blossoms in a stone pot, macrame hangings, woven lampshades, wicker footrests, leather ottomans and layered rugs. Colorful garlands, letters and works of art add joy to the children’s room. Most of these accessories are easy to make yourself, so you don’t need a lot of money. Enjoy!