Stylish atmospheric mid-century modern kitchen designs

Mid-Century Modern is an architectural, interior, product, and graphic design that generally describes the developments in modern design and architecture in the mid-20th century. It’s becoming more and more popular because everything retro is so trendy these days and because it’s cosy. Today I have prepared for you a mid-century modern eye candy – these are cool kitchens. When you talk about mid-century modern kitchens, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of use of warm wood and maybe some bold colors. Tile backsplashes, geometric patterns and textiles – these things will help you create such a kitchen. And of course, mid-century modern furniture and lamps will be the foundation of your space. Get inspired!

colors and materials

You can try any color scheme you want – all suit this style, from neutral to bold colors, except for moody tones, which are not traditionally used in this style. Don’t be afraid of bold color blocks – green, red, orange, yellow paired with white or stained cabinets. Two-tone cabinets are very popular in mid-century modern kitchens. Choosing a white finish will make your kitchen look lighter. Plywood and wood are the main materials for a mid-century modern kitchen. You should incorporate them as often as you like. Tiling on the backsplash is a great idea, although you can also add more light with a window backsplash. Metallic accents give the room a shiny chic – brass and gold with hardware, handles and other items.


Mid-century modern kitchens are about both upper and lower cabinets. However, you can also skip the top ones and choose open shelves instead. A large kitchen island is a must, and you can also add a raised countertop or additional dining area. Experiment with countertops and colors to create a contrasting and bold look that you like. When going into a dining area, give preference to a round table and some stylish chairs or stools. Metal, wood or upholstery – leather is a great idea for a mid-century modern kitchen.


No room can do without decor! The first thing to consider are lamps – the right lighting will help you create a desired style in the room. Pendant lights in the shape of spheres, sunbursts and geometric elements are just the thing to make your cabinets and kitchen islands stand out. Opt for boho rugs, potted cacti, succulents and plants to add a light bohemian feel to your mid-century modern kitchen. Check out the bold ideas below and get inspired!