What is a barndominium?

What is a barndominium?

What is a bar denomination? Barndominiums, nicknamed ‘Barndos’, were introduced as a practical housing option. Many farmers and ranchers built an attic over a working barn so that keepers could stay close by.

Today, popularity has shifted from bar denominations to luxury homes and vacation rentals, particularly in upscale rural areas with ranch land and vineyards. Most Barndo construction uses a steel shell, making the house much stronger and more durable.


The metal shell construction is built very quickly, which means you will soon have a nice new home. Metal barndos stand up to the elements and last longer than most standard building materials. The structure of a barndo encourages indoor and outdoor living. Rolling doors, large windows and wraparound decks add a sense of spaciousness to your living space. Bar Dominiums are best suited as an open house, which is very popular and popular these days.


You can choose any style to decorate a Bar Dominium interior, but of course all are interwoven with rustic decor. Contemporary, modern, even minimalist and industrial styles are great for decorating. Check out the pictures for inspiration.

A Bar Dominium is truly an open concept home, so open plan interior design tips and ideas will definitely work here. When decorating a bar dominium or a large room in a home, color becomes your easiest and best tool for defining spaces. Accent walls are still very stylish and can be a focal point in a large open space. And don’t forget, ceilings can accent walls too.

Setting up a large, open space and using large furniture like sectional and oversized chairs can fill the space without looking too busy. Grouping furniture for conversation or dining areas avoids the “furniture house” look that many open plan layouts suffer from. When grouping furniture in your large barndo area, stick to a color palette in all areas you set up. That way your colors tie everything together.

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