Fantastic garden stone paths

Stone paths in a garden are amazing because they look very natural and simple. That’s why it’s the best option if you have a Japanese or Zen garden that looks very natural. Large stones, small stones, mosaic or a mix of pebbles – choose what suits your garden best. Make a stairway of rocks and pebbles or a stone path through a cool pond. An important point is that the surroundings are picturesque – plant amazing flowers, succulents or even moss. Moss or flowers on the path or through it looks great! Find more beautiful examples below and change one up for your garden.

Stone paths can look different: they can be rougher and wilder, they can be very neat and showy – you can make stepping stones in the form of leaves or other material. You can polish the look with stone or brick edges, or leave it unpolished and rough and add pebbles or smaller rocks all around. Incorporate some pebbles or smaller stones into your stone paths to create patterns and different catchy looks. If you prefer a relaxed look, keep your garden path neutral, with just rough rocks here and there and moss scattered around.

A stone path can easily be refreshed with greenery, moss and flowers, and they should not only grow to line the path, but also between the stones. Moss gives a zen feel to the stone pathway, greenery gives your pathway a relaxed feel, and blooming flowers give it a cheerful and welcoming feel as the contrast between rough stones and greenery is noticeable. Add more contrasting plants to line the path and you’ll have a gorgeous look in your garden!

ps If you want more inspiration, here are more creative rock garden path ideas. You will not be disappointed.

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