Winter patio balcony decor

Staying outdoors is relaxing, even in winter when it’s cold. The main point is to decorate your outdoor space with some items that will make staying there cozy and comfortable. How can you make your patio or balcony cozy for the winter? Let’s take a look at some ideas!

winter balconies

A balcony is usually a small space that still needs furniture and decor. What’s intruding? Consider the size of your balcony and decorate it with a coffee or side table, a chair, or a stool or two. Check out functional sofas and chairs with built in storage. Cover your chairs or other seats with cushions, throws, and blankets. Favor flannel, faux fur and knitwear to make the room cozy. Lights and candle lanterns perfectly illuminate the space, and a portable fireplace is a good idea if it’s the right size. Add rugs to make the balcony cozy and give preference to thick and cool items to make your space comfortable.

winter terraces

A patio has room for more furniture and you can choose between an outdoor living room or an outdoor dining room, or both. Consider furniture that suits your style: wooden benches or chairs, upholstered sofas or daybeds, large or smaller tables, comfortable chairs. After deciding on the furniture, cover it all with faux fur, knitted throws and cushions to make the patio inviting. A patio can and should have a fireplace or fire pit in the winter, this sets the mood and ambiance and if your patio is large you can even add two. Don’t forget several candle lanterns to light up your gorgeous space. Check out the inspirational ideas we have prepared for you!

24 cozy and beautiful winter terrace decoration ideas - DigsDi
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24 cozy and beautiful winter terrace decoration ideas - DigsDi

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