Decorate a boho chic bedroom

Decorate a boho chic bedroom

Boho chic style is one of the most popular styles today and we see it everywhere: in home and event decor, in outfits and accessories. If you love this style, you can add some details to your interior or even redesign the whole apartment with a free spirit. A boho-chic interior can add Moroccan, gypsy, or folk accents, or all together. Here are some ideas on how to add boho chic style to your bedroom.

Woven and braided touches

Woven and braided accents are characteristic of boho-chic spaces. Adding to your bedroom is an easy way to set a style and mood. You can opt for wicker and rattan furniture of your choice – bedside tables, stools, benches. Try jute rugs, artwork and get plenty of baskets – both for storage and hanging on the wall. If you have lamps, choose wicker lampshades that easily create the mood you want. Use all of these items together or just some of them – it will be very boho!


Textiles are the most popular way to add a boho feel to any room as they don’t require a lot of money and can be easily changed at any time. Boho chic bedding with different prints and boho chic printed pillows are great for instantly transforming your bed into a boho-like bed. A tassel bedspread or a fringed Moroccan wedding quilt is a great idea for a chic look. For curtains, give preference to white and airy fabrics. If you want rugs, choose folk fringes and tassels or Moroccan rugs.

Potted green

There is no boho room without greenery as this style is very closely related to nature. To liven up and complete your boho space, you can use potted greenery, succulents and cacti. Rock neutral or boho painted planters, or paint them yourself to add a personal touch. Add some of your clothing and accessories for a boho feel – hats, straw bags, sandals and others – and feel the free spirit!

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