Living Room Floor Ideas

Living Room Floor Ideas

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LIVING ROOM FLOOR IDEAS – Most of us usually use tiles and ceramics as living room floor materials. Every living space or household item has different types of tiles and ceramic materials.

But don’t you know that there are other types of living room floors that we can use to improve our living room as a whole? Of course, this does not detract from its primary function of making the floor a warm and clean, retouched floor.

Find out more about the other floor coverings in the living room and how they can make a difference below.

Ceramic living room floor

Ceramic living room floor

Ceramic is one of the most popular floor coverings for living spaces. Ceramic is naturally a strong material. It’s durable and easy to clean. If you find broken ceramics in the living room, just swap them out for new ones.

In addition, ceramics offers different styles and sizes to suit your preferences. As seen in the picture, you can choose a large square ceramic material for the large living room.

Light brown ceramics are preferred by many for their clean and bright ambience. Our first of the 10 living room ideas is a classic choice that we never get bored.

Parquet laminate living room floor

Parquet laminate living room floor

Often confused with natural wood floors, laminate parquet combines sawdust with a chemical, the latter of which acts as an adhesive. After the mixing process, press the materials and cover them with synthetic veneer.

The result can be clearly seen in the living room picture. The place looks elegant, clean and warm. The flooring material goes well with the minimalist living room concept. The flooring material makes the living room feel warm and natural.

Another good news is that this material is easy to install.

Living room floor made of tiles

Living room floor made of tiles

It will be incomplete without talking about this living room flooring material, tiles. We are including tiles in one of the living room flooring ideas as they are widely used by households also because of their affordable price.

If you install this material for your living room it will look vintage and traditional. Unlike ceramics, tiles are easy to lay. Tile offers different models depending on your needs.

The only time you need to sweep the tiles is if you find them looking dirty. The picture shows how tiles can contribute to a cool ambience that already feels in the corner.

Living room floor made of wood

Living room floor made of wood

The wooden living room floor is suitable for those of you who want a modern or traditional living room look. This floor material makes the living room look natural and elegant. Wood material also makes for cooler temperatures, which makes the stain feel fresh.

There are basically two types of wooden floors. One is hardwood, which refers to the raw wood floor, while the other is made from wood-based materials. The second are, for example, chemical substances to process the material further.

Hardwood material is more expensive, so allow an extra budget for this sub-type.

Vinyl living room floor

Vinyl living room floor

If you think hardwood floors are too expensive in the living room, consider vinyl material. It has many styles and colors than wood-like vinyl flooring as the picture shows. Vinyl material is much cheaper and offers easy cleaning options.

In addition, this material lasts a long time, is water-repellent and remains robust. With different styles, you can choose which vinyl floor model suits your planned overall living room look.

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Living room floor made of natural stone

Living room floor made of natural stone

Natural stone was the first choice for interior design for both the floor and the wall. The use of natural stone as a flooring for your planned living room gives it polished and beautiful accents.

The natural stone floor lasts a long time. It can be said that this flooring is a good investment as you don’t have to change it often. The natural stone material enhances the great atmosphere in the living room.

However, be aware that this material costs a lot and clean it regularly as it can get slippery when wet.

Living room floor made of bamboo wood

Living room floor made of bamboo wood

As an alternative to wood, consider the idea of ​​a living room floor made from bamboo planks. Purposely order piles of the bamboo board to cover the living room floor. Similar to wood materials, bamboo brings cool temperatures into the living room.

You can paint the bamboo board with white as the picture shows to support the whole living room concept. Or you can paint in other colors. Bamboo lives longer and makes tidying up easier. The natural element in the floor material is another added value.

Carpet living room floor

Carpet living room floor.  Source:

Carpet is widely used in modern homes. This flooring material reinforces certain living room concepts as the material covers large or even all parts of the living room. Carpet materials come in a variety of models, some with bold colors and artistic styles.

For a “safe” choice, choose carpets with neutral colors, as shown in the picture. The good thing about the carpet material is that it creates the soft and warm feeling of the room. Regular cleaning should be observed.

This is because carpets usually pick up dust and dirt.

Travertine tiles living room floor

Travertine tiles living room floor.  Source: Pinterest

Travertine tile flooring material looks gorgeous with sandy textures and broken patterns. This floor material is usually laid in the rustic living room model. The material brings natural elements and makes the living room look fresh and unique.

You need to clean the flooring regularly as it tends to be porous.

Brick living room floor

Brick living room floor.  Source: Pinterest

Usually we know exposed brick walls, but now you can practice brick floors for a living room. The last of our ten ideas for living room floors takes us all the way back to the old days when everything looked natural and simple.

The application of the flooring adds to the cool atmosphere and fits perfectly with the traditional or rural living style, as the picture shows. This flooring material is easy to lay and clean.

Regular and careful sweeping is the most common way to keep the stones clean and firm.