Functional and stylish children’s bunk beds with lights

Bunk beds are the best solution to divide a child’s room, although you may or may not have enough space, because even if you have enough space, you can always use it for something else. Such a cool bunk bed can become a real personal sleeping area, although it is rather small. Add curtains and lights – Lights are a must for any bunk bed as every child will have enough light when reading or just doing something and it is also important if your child is afraid of sleeping without lights. He or she turns on the light above the bed and doesn’t disturb any other children. See how and where to add wall sconces and lights below.

bed designs

The bunk beds can be for two or four kids, and the design can be anything – choose what your kids like and stick to the layout and colors. There can be two ladders or just one, it’s up to you and your space. Make sure there are railings on the top bunks to keep your kids securely in place while they sleep. You can also incorporate some drawers into your bed to make the space more efficient and built-in shelving above the beds.


The lights can also be different. Choose them based on the style of your room and your beds. Usually these are simple sconces and sconces that make the room cozy and quite functional. You can place them anywhere – above the bed, above the headboard and in both places to let in more light. You can also try built-in lights and other lights to make your kids’ bedroom more comfortable without taking up space.

25 functional and stylish bunk beds for kids with lights |  children's bunk.
45 functional and stylish bunk beds for kids with lights - DigsDi
45 functional and stylish bunk beds for kids with lights - DigsDi

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