How to add classic English style

English style is famous for being super sophisticated and chic and I can’t think of a cozier space than a traditional English farmhouse. Looking to incorporate some classic English style decorating ideas into your home? No problem! I have a number of ideas that will make it easy to add some chic English decor to your room.

Traditional English interiors cannot be imagined without floral prints, plaid, paneling and panelling, chic curtains and other textiles such as rugs, bedspreads and tablecloths, and of course, a beautiful fireplace! You can easily integrate all these details into any interior. However, if you want a strong English flavor, stick to vintage items and prints. Let’s look at the coolest examples.

floral prints

Floral prints are classics and have always been an indispensable part of English interiors. You can incorporate them into your room decor in a variety of ways. The most popular is the floral print rock wallpaper. The print can be realistic or not, there are many colors to choose from, and the scale of the prints can also be different. Another idea is to hang floral print curtains for a sweet touch, and floral print cushions are a great way to add English chic. Floral prints are all the rage right now and by rocking them in decor you will not only add English chic but also get trendy details.


A fireplace is a great piece for any space, from a modern to an industrial one. Here only the appearance should be chosen so that it fits the room. If we take traditional English fireplaces these are usually faced with stone and you can build a whole stone wall and build a fireplace in it. You can also use a stove – it cannot work, only create a mood. Electric fireplaces are great too. Just cover them with stone, brick or tile that matches the style.


Paneled walls used to be common for home decor. They were seen in most affluent homes today and are still widespread today. This is another traditional English feature that can become an organic part of most interiors, from the minimalist to the glamorous. The paneling makes the walls look more dimensional and sophisticated. This is a perfect idea for neutral or pastel walls, although they look cool with dark colors too. Also, you can hide some storage behind these panels to avoid the clutter – what a great solution!

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