Chic Wall Mural Ideas We’d Commit to

Chic Wall Mural Ideas We’d Commit to

If your walls are feeling dull and lackluster, adding some framed art or photos can go a long way in boosting the energy of the room. But why not go straight to the source with these wall painting ideas?

Indoor (and outdoor) murals are a wonderful way to add color and movement to your living spaces. You don’t need to be an experienced artist either, as you can apply a mural with large-format wallpaper or decals just as easily as you can with a bucket of paint. So if your walls need a refresh, adding a mural could be the perfect solution.

Check out these wall painting ideas to get your creativity flowing.

1. Explore the world of 3D

If you want to really bring a room to life, there’s nothing more impressive than a 3D mural. These murals come in two styles. The first features a regular pattern with an embossed design on the top. The second image shows a printed image that creates an optical illusion of 3D depth.

You can create 3D wall art on literally any theme. Natural elements are incredibly popular, from botanical images to animal life. Many murals also feature geometric patterns that play with perspective, creating a 3D effect.

Embossed wallpaper can add extra dimension (no pun intended) to an otherwise plain accent wall. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even design your own multi-dimensional mural from scratch using wood panels and paint.

3D bedroom mural with flowers
3D fist with red rose breaking through bricks

2. Embrace the beauty of abstract designs

Choosing a theme for a mural can be difficult. Unless the room in question already has a curated theme, you may be afraid to limit yourself with an extremely specific mural. In these scenarios, an abstract statement wall is the ideal solution.

An abstract mural can be easily created using decals or removable wallpaper. Play with shape and texture – there are no real rules when it comes to abstract artwork.

Look at macro images for an abstract wall mural with a more organic aesthetic. These images feature enlarged photos of stone, wood, plants and more. While these murals feature all the colors and textures of their original subject matter, the macro perspective makes them undeniably abstract.

Colorful abstract mural
colorful abstract wall painting
abstract photo wallpaper for the children's room
Pink abstract wall mural ideas, white chair

3. Transform your bathroom

If you’re not sure where to incorporate a mural into your interior design, look at the smallest rooms in your home. A room like a bathroom can really benefit from a mural as it doesn’t take up floor space or room for movement.

Nature-inspired works of art are particularly popular in the bathroom. For a calm, feminine touch, opt for wallpaper with a floral pattern. Of course, murals depicting the ocean or water in general are the classic choice for this space.

To avoid overwhelming a small powder room, opt for a wall design with a single image rather than a floor-to-ceiling pattern. This can be anything from a watercolor painting to an abstract silhouette.

Unique stone wall mural for bathroom with freestanding white bathtub
Lady carrying a city bathroom mural
Flower mural, bathroom, white bathtub
Bathroom mural with small plants, freestanding white bathtub

4. Beautify your bedroom

When choosing a custom wallpaper or wall design for your bedroom, you should pay attention to subtlety. You don’t want your bedroom to be overwhelmed by a mural that is too loud and in your face. It should elegantly fade into the background.

Choose a soft color palette for your wall. Botanical designs are great for a bedroom. Or opt for an abstract pattern with brush strokes and other textures.

If you choose a more dramatic bedroom mural, keep the rest of the room comparatively simple. This also includes the surrounding walls. While an accent wall is perfect for a relaxing space like the bedroom, too much of a good thing will drown out the rest of your room decor.

Large Leaf Mural for Bedroom

5. Garage Makeover

The garage is often an afterthought in interior design. So why not give it the attention it deserves with a stunning mural of your own?

The ideal blank canvas can be found by your garage door. Or fill the empty wall space in your garage with bright colors and intriguing designs.

Graffiti-inspired artwork is a great idea if you want to give your garage a facelift. No matter your personal aesthetic—pop art, floral, realistic, or something else entirely—a custom mural is the perfect way to increase the curb appeal of your garage.

Flamingo Garage Mural
Colorful Mexican garage mural with skull and roses
Wall mural Garage with pink and white roses

6. Elegant and timeless

Murals and bright colors often go hand in hand. But you can enjoy just as much art in grayscale as you can in full color. Gray wall murals are great for showcasing black and white photos or detailed artwork that would be blurred by a vibrant color scheme.

Natural motifs, whether photorealistic or artistically depicted, ensure that your mural conveys a lot of energy even without the use of color. Choose a design with a lot of depth.

Be sure to add color to the rest of your interior. Deep, muted tones and bright pops of color are great ways to contrast your gray wall decor. The more muted the color palette of your room, the more eye-catching your mural will be.

Gray forest wall mural living room

7. Hand painted art

Although creating a mural with custom wall stickers is easier than ever, nothing can replace the charm of a hand-painted wall.

Hand-painted wall paintings look particularly beautiful in children’s rooms. But nothing stops you from letting your creativity run wild on the walls of your kitchen or dining room.

You don’t have to have exceptional talent to create your own mural from scratch. All you need are some quality stencils, the right tools, and some patience. Of course, there is always the option of hiring an artist to complete your mural for you!

Hand painted unicorn mural
Hand-painted mural with a teddy bear on a swing
Hand-painted photo wallpaper “Animals in the Forest” for children

8. Stimulate imagination

Designing a child’s room is never easy, especially when the budget is tight. A wall mural is an excellent way to revamp a young child’s room without the expense of new furniture or decorations.

A kid-approved wall mural can be anything from an abstract pattern to their favorite cartoon character. If your child’s interests change on a whim, invest in a removable wall sticker rather than permanent wallpaper or paint.

If you want to try creating a nursery mural, remember that color is the most important factor. Choose a simple motif with lots of bright, contrasting colors for a mural that will stimulate young minds.

Hand-painted forest scene mural for children
Photo wallpaper Eiffel tower for children's room
Pink tree and unicorn wall art
Photo wallpaper for children's rooms with cartoon characters

9. Kitchen ambience

Because of cabinets, appliances, and countertops, the kitchen tends to have more independent wall segments than any other room in the house. These small sections are the perfect place to bring a wallpaper wall idea to life. Since you’re not covering a full-size wall, you can be much bolder with your design choices.

When designing a kitchen accent wall, there is no shortage of wall ideas with culinary, culinary, and botanical themes. But don’t limit yourself to these topics. Abstract and geometric designs work just as well.

When installing a mural in your kitchen, you should think about stain and moisture resistance. Whether it’s paint or wallpaper, choose a color that’s easy to wipe off and won’t discolor.

abstract dining room wall art, dining table, yellow chairs, pendant lights
hand painted wall decoration with city scene, white kitchen cabinet
Abstract colored photo wallpaper, small dining table and wooden chairs
Wall mural with table flower design

10. Enjoy nature

When looking for wall painting ideas, you can’t go wrong by taking inspiration from nature. These motifs work particularly well in rooms that are intended to be intimate and relaxing, such as the bathroom or master bedroom.

Floral wallpapers and murals are probably the most popular in interior design. If flowers aren’t your style, transform a boring wall with a design of lush foliage or succulents. You can also choose a wallpaper pattern with abstract or geometric plant motifs.

Don’t forget to combine your flora with some fauna. Decorate a child’s room with a forest wall mural featuring lush greenery and woodland creatures. Or choose wallpaper panels with a mix of plants and birds or insects.

Pink nature mural in boho bedroom
Large bird mural for bedroom
Black and white floral pattern wall mural, wooden shelf above sink
Abstract wall art string lights for attic bedroom
colorful floral wall art

11. From work to wow

Decorating a home office can be difficult. While you want the room to feel like part of your living space, it also needs to have a professional touch. This is especially true if you meet customers in person or make regular video calls.

Many corporate offices use murals to showcase their industry achievements and delight customers. Regardless of your professional career, a mural is a great and harmless way to add style to your home office.

Decorate your office wall with an inspiring mural that motivates you to achieve your best. You can also choose a photo wallpaper that shows your city skyline or your favorite natural spot.

Pendant lights for walls in the office foyer in light colors
Wall Mural City skyline office
large mural of a city

12. Invigorating outdoor spaces

The most notable murals are displayed outside. So when it comes time to design a mural for your home, don’t forget to think outside the box (literally).

Fences of any kind make excellent canvases for a painted mural. Paint a pattern or image on the inside of your fence to create a design that won’t disturb neighbors. You can also add small motifs to the outside of your house or decorate the facade of a garden shed.

Outdoor murals are exposed to the elements. Be sure to invest in weatherproof colors and materials. This is definitely not the place for a wallpaper mural.

Flower mural outside the garden wall
Flower mural on the outside wall of the shed
Flower mural on black brick wall in garden
Outdoor Wall Mural Brick Teletubbies
Indian inspired women's front porch murals
Green and blue fauna outside the photo wallpaper

13. Fascinating trees

Just because a particular wall design is extremely popular doesn’t mean it’s any less stylish. That’s a good thing, because trees are one of the most attractive (and common) subjects in contemporary murals!

There is so much you can accomplish with a mural that features nothing but trees. They can serve as a dramatic backdrop to a master bedroom or as a kid-friendly addition to a nursery wall.

Trees are one of the easiest subjects for amateur muralists to try out their skills on. By installing wallpaper with a stunning forest landscape or minimalist birch trees, you can take your interior design to a whole new level without any artistic effort.

Artistic Tree Mural
Large tree mural with owl fox and squirrel
Colorful tree mural for the living room
Photo wallpaper with black tree silhouette
Lifelike Forest Mural Library Ladder
Tree mural painted on yellow exterior wall
Photo wallpaper foggy forest in the house
Forest scene with red plants as a photo wallpaper for your home
Children's tree mural for bedroom
Yellow walls with hand painted green tree mural

14. Stylish and versatile

Wallpaper is slowly coming back into fashion. While wallpaper featured extremely small motifs a few decades ago, today the trend is towards oversized, maximalist prints that are more reminiscent of hand-painted murals than anything else.

Wallpaper is the easiest way to create a full-coverage mural on an accent wall. This is even an option for renters, as many companies offer temporary removable wallpaper in all sorts of designs.

There really is no shortage of designs. From your favorite storybook characters to a photorealistic beach mural, everything can be printed on modern wallpaper.

Vibrant Astronaut Mural Living Room Purple Sofa
Forest wallpaper, purple velvet accent chair with Chinese dragon pillow
abstract wallpaper living room gray sofa black lamp
Floral wallpaper, gray sofa, pink accent chair, living room
incredible stair wallpaper, small wooden stool
Bedroom with floral wallpaper
Green Tree Wallpaper, Vintage Furnished Living Room Accent Chair, Rustic Wood Cabinet

15. More wall painting ideas

In addition to popular wall painting ideas like nature scenes, cityscapes, and abstract designs, there are numerous other fascinating options to consider. One idea is to bring the beauty of the underwater world into your space with a marine-themed mural featuring colorful fish, coral reefs and fascinating seascapes. Another unique concept is a celestial mural depicting the wonders of the night sky with stars, galaxies and constellations. For a touch of whimsy, you can opt for a playful mural with cartoon characters, fairy tale motifs or imaginative landscapes.

Additionally, there is a growing trend to use geometric patterns and optical illusions to create visually striking murals that add depth and dimension to a room. From inspirational quotes and intricate mandalas to vintage maps and cultural motifs, the possibilities for murals are virtually endless. Explore different themes, styles and artistic techniques to find the perfect mural that will stimulate your imagination and transform your space into a true work of art.

Colorful painted photo wallpaper flowers female head
painted floral photo wallpaper with daydreamer sign
The tree mural remains stuck on the leaves
Live like a cruise ship lighthouse beach mural
Hand painted mural with trees and birds
Hand painted plants in pots as a mural in the backyard
Forest with book path mural, school library
Wall Mural Shark swims with fish

Frequently asked questions about murals

What color is best for a mural?

For murals with large, geometric patterns, regular latex paint is sufficient. If you want to hand paint a mural with fine details, use acrylic paint. You can still use regular interior latex paint for the base coat of the wall and the first coat of paint. Choose an eggshell finish – it’s easiest to paint over with acrylic. For best results, be sure to prepare the wall with an appropriate primer.

How to choose the best wall for a mural?

To bring your favorite wall painting ideas, you need to choose the right canvas. After all, not every wall in your home is the ideal backdrop for a mural or dramatic wallpaper. Try to choose a wall with as few architectural features as possible. While you can get around obstacles like windows and doors, they can just as easily disrupt your wall design. Remember that you don’t always have to use an entire wall for a mural. You don’t have to limit your design to just one wall either.

Can I install a mural myself or do I need professional help?

Installing a photo wallpaper can be a DIY project, depending on the complexity of the design and your comfort level with wallpaper or adhesive materials. Many murals come with detailed assembly instructions that make the process easier. However, for larger or more complex murals, it may be beneficial to seek professional help to ensure a seamless and professional-looking installation. Professional installers have the experience and tools to carry out complex wall installations and ensure optimal results.