Living Room Tv Ideas

Living room TV ideas

LIVING ROOM TV IDEAS – Despite the smartphone giving us endless entertainment content, television remains popular with households. This is especially true for a family with children and adolescents.

Spending free time with all family members who watch good TV shows is quality family time. The television allows all family members to chat with each other to share their days.

Therefore, it is important to place the TV in a living room for convenience to members who watch it during the day or at night.

Living room TV in a large closet

Living room TV in a large closet.  Source:

A large closet in a living room paints modern and traditional interior design typical of a family location. Many households stay in one big closet with a television and lots of that sort of thing.

In the middle of the cabinet is a television with drawers. There is a transparent cabinet above the TV where you can put documents or books. The opened part contains antique displays and ornaments.

The living room is an all-in-one entertainment and storage unit. That is our conclusion for the region.

TV placement idea over wooden table

TV placement idea over wooden table

The second idea is one of the most popular television placements in many households. Simply choose the wooden table that perfectly matches the level of the sofa set. The picture shows that the table appears briefly, which corresponds to the level of the couch.

The strategy brings comfort to the eyes of those sitting on the sofa set. For the general statement in this tip, you need to measure the sofa height beforehand. Then choose the table height that matches the height of the sofa.

The strategy seems common, but it goes unnoticed by some people who put the above style above eye health.

TV in special wall plate

TV in special wall plate

Contact professional home builders to create square wallcovering that will specifically house a television (see picture). The TV actually attaches to the wall inside the panel.

The selection makes the living room look very nice as the TV is now becoming the decoration of the room. Attaching the TV to the siding creates more space in the area. Complete the television with a long cabinet to occupy other entertainment equipment.

Documents, books, keys and other room items are kept in the drawers of the closet.

TV above the store

TV above the store

One of our living room TV ideas is still popular in many households. You can put such a TV in the memory. In contrast to the first idea, the type of storage in the fourth peak is much smaller.

The storage space is solid and useful and can hold many items, including personal documents, when locked with a key. The shop’s transparent style makes it easy for you to find items when you’re in a hurry.

The memory selection saves a lot of space thanks to its manageable size. The overall idea of ​​the TV suits a small or medium-sized living room.

TV placement in the living room with floral wallpaper

TV placement in the living room with floral wallpaper.  Source:

The fifth idea is very popular with minimalist living rooms in studio apartments or modern houses that have little space for the surroundings. Attaching a television saves a lot of space and creates a sense of relief.

The picture in particular shows that the TV remains beautiful in the floral wallpaper that covers the walls of the room. The electronic device doesn’t detract from the beauty of the living room with a unique floating storage space underneath.

Pretty and state-of-the-art, the TV is best described with the wallpaper.

Simple living room with a floating television

Simple living room with a floating television

The sixth TV placement is the easiest way to practice. Simply mount the TV on the plain wall of a living room. This placement allows the TV to float in the walls.

Under the TV is a white memory with small displays above it. The modest room layout already makes the conventional area look lively. Family members and friends can enjoy TV shows on the sofa.

If that’s not enough, open a mattress so everyone can comfortably watch the show together.

Small television in long stand

Small television in long stand. Source: Pinterest

This idea is unique for a minimalist living room. As you can see in the picture, there is a long wooden stand on a small television directly opposite the sofa set. There are books next to the television. And above the TV is the floating memory.

The choice and arrangement of the television fits perfectly into the modern living room, in which multifunctional furniture is the focus. Sometimes all you need is a small TV to entertain yourself after long hours in the office.

Tv over a fireplace

Tv over a fireplace.  Source:

The eighth of our entire living room TV ideas focuses on the TV and fireplace. We cannot imagine how wonderful the whole family member can watch favorite TV shows in their spare time.

At the same time, they keep the body warm thanks to the burning fireplace. The TV is accompanied by shiny decorations so the walls look good overall.

TV via DVD storage idea

TV via DVD storage idea.  Source:

Put a large TV on top of the storage, which is great for DVDs and other electronic devices. You can place a microphone, DVD player, game console, and other entertainment items.

This television arrangement is a great way to organize a living room. Protect yourself from headaches with memory designed for electronic devices or entertainment purposes. Try not to fill the memory with anything other than what is in the closet.

To complete them all, in addition to the storage, you have speakers for the best audio experience.

Also, find out about ideas for living room curtains as useful decorations

TV placement in the cache

Cache TV placement.  Source:

The last of our TV ideas for the living room is similar to the seventh, but remains creative thanks to different storage types. As you can see in the picture, a small TV sits nicely above an open shelf that is divided into four parts.

A single-row floating memory with room displays is located above the television. The simple arrangement makes the living room look somehow nice. Television is becoming a source of entertainment and information, and a few books are filling the shelves.

These are our living room TV ideas that will put together inspiration for every TV size and room you have. The general suggestions generally let us know that little tips like being on TV can improve the overall look of the commercial. Choose the style that brings out the best in the living room.

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