Small patio design ideas

Small patio design ideas

If you have a small patio and think it can’t look great, you are so wrong! A small terrace can become a cozy corner with a comfortable design in the desired style – minimalist, boho-chic, traditional or Scandinavian. Put a bench or comfy chair there, add some green plants on the walls and floor, a tiny table (or a stub of wood instead), and several lanterns and candles — and voila, your cozy patio is done! A rug and ottoman are also a good idea if space allows. What gets even cozier is a portable fireplace. So don’t hesitate to buy one. Check out the ideas below and get inspired!


When decorating a small patio in any style, the first thing you need to do is find the right furniture. It should be as stylish, space-saving and multifunctional as possible. Try folding furniture, choose smaller units or just one large seating piece. Don’t clutter your patio – use only the pieces you need and choose furniture with extra storage – built-in benches with some space inside, as well as stools and coffee tables with storage or shelves. Hang some shelves on the walls when you need them – they save a lot of space, which is valuable.


The furnishing and decoration of the terrace is very important to make it cozy and cool. Start with potted plants and flowers – they instantly refresh the patio and make it very inviting. Add cushions, blankets, rugs for cosiness, put up some candle lanterns and hang lights around – this way you make the patio very inviting. If you don’t have a lot of space you can just hang some potted vegetables and flowers over the patio or hang them on the walls and screens if you have any. Take a look at beautiful examples and get inspired!

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