Garden border ideas

Garden borders are an important part of your landscape design. They make your decor stand out, add color and interest to the room, and keep animals away from plants. The sculptural lines can be realized from just about anything, they could be installed in a matter of hours, an effort that could beautify your yard for life. In addition to garden beds, you can edge different parts of your garden – patios, paths and lawns. We have prepared the coolest and most daring garden border ideas for gardens of different styles. Let yourself be inspired!

rocks and pebbles

Large rocks and river pebbles are the most natural idea to delineate your garden: they transform it into a more natural space, great for relaxing gardens or reducing formality in a landscaped garden. You can even use a combination of river stones and smaller pebbles to make the space look even fresher. Another idea here is a gabion wall, the appearance of which is also very natural, but such a wall better protects the garden beds from animals. These ideas will help you to transform the garden with simple elements for free.

stones and bricks

Garden stone and brick are a timeless solution. There is nothing more popular than this as these types of edging go well with many landscape styles. Opt for laconic traditional bricks of a neutral shade or add retro chic with red brick – it’s up to you, plus such an edge is very durable – just like bricks.

Live Edge

Living edging is a fresh idea for a modern garden that will add more plants and maybe color to your yard. You can even skip all the garden beds that only frame parts of your garden with live edges. This can be any type of succulents, cacti, flowers and greens that you like. Just keep an eye on your edge and don’t forget that this requires a lot of maintenance.

edge of light

Another fresh and contemporary idea is lighting – a perfect way to illuminate your walkways and other parts of the garden at night. Light edges give the room a modern ambience, and you can do without installing lamps and lanterns – there will be enough light.

shell edge

If you live by the sea and one of your greatest passions is scuba diving, this could be the garden border for you: giant shells can create a border for your garden and the effect is interesting to say the least. If you have smaller shells, don’t worry – you can also use them by sticking them in the rims instead of pebbles. A very eco-friendly idea!

cinder blocks

The cinder block is a common option and part of its popularity stems from its dual role as a rim and planter. It allows the gardener to create a second layer of flowers that further constrain the plants they delineate. The cinder block is also inexpensive, and you can expose or sink it to perfectly suit your style.

glass bottle rim

Glass bottles are an extremely durable, highly graphic, fundamentally free resource. Use them in different colors in your garden for a clean look. This is a good idea for recycling existing wine bottles and adding color to the room.

Other ideas

Terracotta pots are graphic on their own, but adding them makes things even more beautiful. You can place these vertically with plants or horizontally on top of each other, regardless of whether both solutions are very graphic. Woven garden borders are great for vegetable gardens or just rustic ones. Wooden garden borders are not very durable, but you have a very natural and inexpensive solution. Get inspired!