Unique armchair with a thousand eyes

If you really want a bold and bright piece of furniture, if you want to make a statement and even shock your guests a bit, then here is a piece of furniture for it!

The Armchair of Thousand Eyes is manufactured by Fendi in collaboration with Campana Brothers. The armchair contains more than 100 Fendi Bag Bugs. When the Campana brothers saw the furry Fendi creatures, they envisioned one of their signature stuffed animal chairs upholstered with these little monsters.

The Armchair of Thousand Eyes perfectly represents the design philosophy and Brazilian heritage of the Campana Brothers. It uses what the Campana Brothers describe as very Brazilian traits – the colors, the blends, the creative chaos. In addition, the playful pocket bugs are reminiscent of the stuffed animals of childhood. In a way, the A Thousand-Eyed Chair goes beyond the other Campana Brothers stuffed animal chairs – because the animal itself cannot be seen as a whole. The stuffed creatures are shattered into a furry cubist landscape.

Get an armchair for your home and beat everyone who comes to visit. Offer this chair to your friends to sit on!

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