Interior decor with marble accents

Scalpellino House is a beautiful home that celebrates the artistry of stone carving and the beauty and uniqueness of this craft. The house is located in Melbourne, Australia and was built by architecture and design studio Biasol.

It has a spacious floor plan that spans 280 square feet and is spread over two floors. The layout of the rooms places the bedrooms and their respective bathrooms on the ground floor, allowing the first floor to be dedicated to social areas. The living room, kitchen and dining area are connected and seamlessly combined into a welcoming and airy social floor plan. Given the overall theme of this project, stone in various forms is the focus of each individual area.

The entrance is clad in polished bluestone, the same material the stairs are made of. Its distinctive look and texture combine both the interior and exterior of the home, as well as the floors and their separate functions. The kitchen is closely connected to the interior of the home and features an elegant Cosmic Gold granite island. It features a waterfall switch and is coordinated with the bespoke entertainment center in the living room. Minimalism and sophistication are traits that characterize every single space in this beautiful home and the architects, together with the owners, found the perfect way to make stone a part of its design. Other variations of this material can be seen in the private areas of the home, namely the bedrooms with stylish bedside tables and the bathrooms with marble floors, walls and vanities.

Dramatic marble accents in 3 contemporary homes by Shexia Space Design.
Marble floor and marble tiles as an accent in the interior.
Marble floors - the noble beauty of natural stone in the home interior

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