Gothic Bedroom Ideas

Gothic bedroom ideas

GOTHIC BEDROOM IDEAS – The term “Gothic” applies not only to literature, but also to bedroom models. Whenever we hear the word, our minds quickly grasp a broad definition of a bedroom that looks dark and mysterious.

The Gothic bedroom looks more than just a dark area. It puts other sub-styles into practice that later create the bedroom style that looks stylish on its own. We collect 10 Gothic bedroom concepts to detail the idea.

Stunning gothic bedroom

Stunning gothic bedroom

When Gothic first appeared decades ago, it represented darkness and mystery. Since then, the perception has largely existed. But that doesn’t mean that the Gothic bedroom model is all about old furniture and dark colors.

Our first example looks fresh and renewed. You can capture that feeling from the bed frame, ceiling, and black brick wallpaper as the background wall. The bedroom opts for modified chandelier lighting and the modern vintage desk for old tone.

One of the wall parts of the bedroom is painted black. The bedroom looks stunning and modern. Not a creepy atmosphere.

Incredible Gothic bedroom


Glittering and sparkling. This shows the Gothic bedroom model in a modern design. That looks a lot more complicated and crowded than the first one. So we can understand that the Gothic bedroom is open to change.

The bedroom continues to strive to use black as its main color. Luminous and shiny materials fill the bedroom, as evidenced by the bed linen and the rounded chair. We can’t deny that the lighting looks vibrant and beautiful.

The bedroom is filled with decorations. This can be your example if you are looking for a gothic bedroom style that looks cheerful.

Gothic queen bedroom


Here comes one of our main Gothic bedroom styles. We call it that because this example practices the Gothic bedroom model the first time it appears. In particular, this bedroom looks like a bed frame style queen.

We invite you to take a look at the “canopy” which is actually made of the purple fabrics that surround the bed in this way. Very gentle and sweet. This reminds us of the style that appears in the Victorian bedroom.

The bedroom is furnished with generous and classic furniture. The Gothic tone comes from the strong colors like purple, red and brown.

Modern gothic bedroom


Practice this bedroom mockup when you want to create a gothic bedroom at an affordable price. At the same time, the bedroom should not appear gloomy and melancholy.

The bedroom looks simple and safe. Choose a traditional bed frame along with classic furniture such as wooden tables. They are enough for vintage and dark tones. For a Gothic feel, hang up mysterious images like skulls and ancient trunks, as seen here.

Choose gray for your bedroom mural if you think black is bleak. With the choices, the bedroom feels calm and classic.

Graceful Gothic bedroom


Another proof that the Gothic bedroom needs to be changed. The bedroom looks elegant with selected furniture and decorations. The bedroom uses black as the theme color for the background wall.

When working with the patterned motif, the background looks beautiful. Sometimes it is enough for a strong Gothic taste to apply all black to the wall and floor. The bedroom offers modern and classic furniture.

The chandelier lighting makes the bedroom look chic and graceful. The seating in front of the bedroom offers additional space for chatting.

Nice gothic bedroom


In addition to black, you can choose a brown and a strong purple tone, as suggested by the bedroom. The example shows that the Gothic bedroom model can look beautiful and colorful.

Of course, a colorful Gothic bedroom doesn’t contain a lot of bright colors. Injecting a bright color or two is enough to create a cheerful color. This bedroom is decorated with classic furniture that makes it luxurious.

The bedroom has a soft and iconic design that makes the bedroom look classy. The choice of furniture also makes the bedroom in the vintage concept so authentic.

Old gothic bedroom


Yes, the Gothic bedroom is strongly tied to the vintage interior design. Here’s another way to design a gothic bedroom that looks classic but not expensive, as shown in the previous examples. Use reclaimed materials!

The bedroom recycles the antique wardrobe. It looks bright and classic. The bedroom is painted in a bold shade of brown that can create a gothic hue. The bedroom has “the roof” on which soft fabrics are reused.

They are enough for the old Gothic taste. The bedroom looks comfortable with the comfortable bed frame and duvet.

Impressive gothic bedroom


A Gothic mode in a modern vintage design. Here, too, black envelops the bedroom from the bed to the curtain. The bedroom wallpaper looks beautiful with a floral pattern. The bedroom chooses vintage furniture.

Baby’s place looks pretty and adorable. The fireplace is completed with a drawing of an old lady. This exudes vintage bedroom style. The black fabrics on the bed frame also create a Gothic ambience.

The bedroom looks dark overall but is impressive and comfortable for relaxing.

Victorian Gothic bedroom


The Victorian Gothic bedroom began to flourish in the 18th centurythe Century in the United Kingdom. This particular style combines classic and beautiful elements that result in an iconic appearance, as this example shows.

Of course, the bedroom chooses classic furniture, such as the bed style, the sofa and the simple desk next to the bed frame. What looks very Victorian is in the “roof” of the bed frame, which uses the thick, red fabrics arranged in this way.

The image of an aristocrat seems old. The bedroom looks calm and a bit dark and looks gothic.

Minimalist and classic Gothic bedroom


The last example is interesting to study. The bedroom looks classic as it has a high ceiling. The Gothic tone is created through the use of black for the floor and the bed frame.

The vertical windows practice what the classic bedroom does. Due to the small number of furniture, we have given this bedroom the label “minimalist”. The duvet also looks modern. They all help to make the bedroom spacious and relieving.


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