Stone Accent Wall Ideas

An accent wall gives your space an eye-catching look: wood adds warmth and coziness, giant wall art is a great idea for a wow factor, and faux stone creates a cozy, rustic feel. You can build your own cast stone wall at home, and modern materials and methods allow you to create the look of a traditional stone wall with a fraction of the work. Stone, faux or natural, adds texture to your decor and makes it more luxurious. You can’t go wrong. Let’s look at some stone walls in different rooms for inspiration.

Stone accent walls in bathrooms

Stone walls are one of the most popular features for bathroom and shower decoration. Installing an engineered or natural stone wall adds luxury and texture, making even the simplest bathroom decor stand out. Both natural stone and engineered stone are durable, water and damage resistant. So you can rock such a wall behind the bathtub or in the shower and turn your bathing area into a spa-like one. There are many textures and shades to choose from. You can easily find a match for your interior. You can also add an accent by covering a sink wall in stone and highlighting it with lighted mirrors.

Stone goes perfectly with modern, rustic, cabin, minimalist and other decorating styles. So do not hesitate to install such a wall.

Stone accent walls in bedrooms

A stone wall is a beautiful and inexpensive way to add a versatile design element to your bedroom that will make it cozier and more comfortable. These are two main features we want in our bedrooms. With many colors and texture variants, the design options are open to achieve the desired effect. In the bedrooms we mostly see stone headboards that emphasize the bed and bedside tables and make the sleeping area more comfortable. Another idea is to build a stone fireplace wall if you have one in your bedroom. This is a super relaxing idea, you’ll never want to leave your bedroom!

Stone accent walls in living spaces

In living rooms, accent walls are usually made of stone to make the fireplace stand out and make it safer or to highlight a media wall. Stone lends a chic look to any living room structure – minimalist, cabin, rustic, Scandinavian or just plain modern. Stone is resistant to damage, moisture, heat and shock. No matter what fireplace you have, you don’t have to worry about the wall getting too hot. Stone blends perfectly with hardwood and together they create a very cozy ambience.

Stone accent walls in the entrances

Decorate your entryway or leave an original stone in the entryway. A stone wall becomes chic and becomes the focal point of any entryway. She will impress every guest who walks in.

Stone walls in home offices

Stone goes well with warm wood tones and leather. It is the perfect addition to a cozy home office. So why not make your working hours more pleasant?

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