Lamp inspired by the wind

Interactive furniture and lamps are a new level of items that not only serve functionality but are also interesting and conversation starters. Do you like interactive designs? If you do, we’re sure you’ll love this lamp too!

The designers of the VolĂ© lamp, MOAK Studio, put it best when they described wind as “nature’s engine”. It’s true that wind can be as functional as it is wild, and this design illustrates that notion. More than that, it’s a reminder of the power we use as human beings.

It harnesses the wind power of the user, who can blow (or manually spin) their top-mounted turbine. When rotated, the light source is activated and a soothing glow illuminates the translucent body. In an artistic mix of glass, wood and copper, it is both a practical light source and a statement! Such a lamp not only brings soft light into the room, but also greatly beautifies it and brings a unique decor. Check out these cuties and hurry up and buy some!

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