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Bathroom Tub Ideas

Bathroom Tub Ideas

Bathroom tub ideas

IDEAS FOR BATHTUBS – In addition to the shower area, the bathtub is becoming one of the most popular options in the modern home. The bathtub provides a relaxing moment while washing the body for adults and children.

The article presents 10 bathtub models that match the overall appearance of the bathroom. Some will look special with the extra stand or holder. That brings the benefit of turning the bathroom into a handcrafted area to relax in after hard work.

Classic bathtub

Classic bathtub
Source: victorianplumbing.co.uk

The traditional bathroom cannot choose a better bathtub. The bathtub looks classic with its agonizing legs. The bathtub seems fair which is suitable for both adults and children.

The classic bathtub appears in a whitish tone. The bathtub is equipped with sanitary facilities that allow easy adjustment. The bathtub matches the washbasin and cabinet models, which also have a vintage look.

The bath massage is equipped with the fabric to dry out the legs. There are flowers as refreshment.

Fancy bathtub

Fancy bathtub
Source: elledecor.com

The bathtub is right next to the window. There are the flowers, the drawing and the candles for you to relax. The example buys the bathtub together with the holder.

The bathtub looks rectangular so you can stretch your legs. There are black borders all over the bathtub for placing fabrics or towels. The entire bathtub looks chic and special.

The bathroom is laid out with a gray floor that in our opinion can hold water. Be careful here not to rush after bathing.

Familiar bathtub

Familiar bathtub
Source: impressiveinteriordesign.com

The third example is similar to the first. But this one doesn’t seem to have a stressful leg style. The bathtub looks great for both adults and children. Wrap the bathtub in a light and minimalist way.

This corresponds to the entire bathroom look that applies the minimalist design. If you want to apply the design, we recommend that you make the window smaller. This makes it easier for you to enjoy the panorama behind the window.

The bathtub is accompanied by the chair and the flowers. You can rely on simple refreshment.

Attractive bathtub

Attractive bathtub
Source: artemis-office.org

It is understandable that the spa bath models the bathtub. With the stand, the bathtub looks appealing and special. The bathtub looks big in an oval.

This modeling looks casual with the matching taps. What interests us is the stand material in the form of white marbles. There are plants and candles all over the bathtub.

The bathtub definitely offers space for ultimate enjoyment. The bathroom also chooses the wooden floor. This choice is safe for kids who may be in a rush after bathing here.

Luminous bathtub

Luminous bathtub
Source: idealhome.co.uk

Due to its tall format, we recommend the bathtub only for adults. From the field we hope that you can feel the tub glowing. This can be seen from the reflection of the wooden floor on the tub.

The glowing tone comes from the metallic material that combines with the white material. The bathtub itself looks classic, which matches the look of the bathroom.

While you lie down on the bathtub, enjoy the green panorama in front of the windows.

Relaxing bathtub

Relaxing bathtub
Source: toiletsguide.com

The example supports the entire bathroom look. The bathtub is clad in gray and it also looks gray. This also applies to the rooster. What attracts us lies in the material of the bathtub, which has a relaxing and natural effect.

The size of the bathtub seems adequate. There is the cute chair and the dangling lamp that make the bathtub something special. Unlike some of the previous examples, the bathtub is near the wall, not the window.

The relaxing mood is supported by the gray ambience, which leads to calm relaxation.

Exceptional bathtub
Source: youtube.com

This one looks really unique. We cannot say the exact shape of the bathtub. Of course, the bathtub is suitable for adults and children. In addition, the bathtub will be a cute attraction for children.

The bathtub is accompanied by the tap. The short “fence” acts as a partition on which the ornaments are displayed. When we look at the overall bathroom look, we understand that the bathtub looks so extraordinary.

The bathroom itself looks creative with the two-story, floating storage space and the different wall styles.

Natural bathtub

Natural bathtub
Source: icmtset.com

This looks special as it becomes one unit with two sinks on the left and right. The bathtub knows the oval shape. There are no accessories like flowers or candles anywhere in the bathtub.

The nice thing about the bathtub is the wooden stand, which looks natural and classic. This corresponds to the traditional bathroom concept used here. The bathtub is equipped with the vintage faucet.

Earthy bathtub

Earthy bathtub
Source: showyourvote.org

Another bathtub model for your self-made spa bath. We think that the bathtub is made of stones. That makes the bathtub earthy and fresh.

In addition, the bathtub is surrounded by living plants and flowers. They act as real refreshment. There is no tap near the bathtub. Relaxing in the bathtub has to feel maximally in low light.

The brownish shade in the bathroom increases the warmth of the bathroom.

Oval bathtub

Oval bathtub
Source: viendoraglass.com

We continue to call it the real oval bathtub. The self-made spa bathroom chooses the bathtub that appears short and comfortable. The bathtub is accompanied by the generous storage space for towels and jewelry.

There’s the oval area just above the bathtub. This is where the light comes in. The strategy makes the bathtub something special. We love the concept of the “mini waterfall” as a faucet.

This will make you feel calm in the bathtub.

We hope the list may spark your interest in finding a bathtub model that suits your personal taste, budget, and overall bathroom look.

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