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Kitchen Valance Ideas

Kitchen Valance Ideas

Ideas for kitchen valance

KITCHEN QUALITY IDEAS – Some of you may be confused about what makes valance different from a curtain. Both can cover a window or door for the kitchen, living room, and other areas within a home.

Valance specifically refers to decorative drapes, typically used more as an ornament. On the other hand, the curtain plays a role in shielding the window or door from sunlight or hiding it from outside people in case you need privacy.

If the brief introduction isn’t enough, take some time to read the list.

Flowers kitchen valance

Flowers kitchen valance
Source: seamlessoriginal.com

Kitchen apron can be so short and simple. This type of valance covers the upper part of the window. You don’t have to spend a huge budget on this valance. We believe that the valance uses inexpensive fabrics.

You can even sew it yourself. To keep the flounce attractive, you can go for a floral style like this one. Despite the limited space, the flounce looks beautiful thanks to the brightly colored flowers and green leaves.

Such a simple but pretty ornament especially if your kitchen looks plain.

Soft kitchen valance

Soft kitchen valance
Source: jllhomestore.com

Our second valance covers almost half of the window unit and looks mild and graceful. Green and white go well with the valance. They seem to be inspired by trees outside the kitchen and the white closet.

The flounce is nicely arranged, with the simple cloth separating each flounce subunit. The design of the flounce combines a simple white and green pattern. We believe the design is similar to that of batik fabric.

We cannot say that the valance delights the heart while washing dirty dishes or just a few minutes of cold drinks with a view of the trees.

Beautiful kitchen valance

Beautiful kitchen valance
Source: wearefound.com

Some kitchen owners opt for a valance that matches the overall look of the kitchen. The idea of ​​applying this concept of a similar color between the valance and the colors of the cabinet and kitchen wall.

Small leaves and red flowers partially color this flounce. Half of it remains empty. Dressed in white and yellow, the valance looks very nice. Adequate brightness is enough for a cheerful greeting as soon as natural light falls into the kitchen.

The valance is so wonderfully arranged. Most of the windows are empty so you can enjoy thick trees lining up in front of the glass.

Sweet kitchen flounce

Sweet kitchen flounce
Source: ronicascustomcreations.com

Neither flowers nor leaves, food becomes the theme of the flounce. This idea looks so wonderful when you are cooking and preparing food and drinks in the kitchen. We love the unique and very appropriate theme of the flounce.

The valance covers a small upper part of the window. This way the flounce looks very cute. It chooses red as the main color of the flounce, which can be enlivened when entering the kitchen for cooking or washing dirty dishes.

As with the previous points, the window is usually kept simple in order to offer enough space for what is happening behind the pane.

Cozy kitchen valance

Cozy kitchen valance
Source: touchofclass.com

Our fifth idea is wrapped in white fabric and inspired by the sunflower that brings joy and comfort. We quickly remember a sunflower field that looks very cheerful and pretty in some areas blessed with fertile soil, the home of the flower.

The valance chooses a simple and relatively cheap fabric for the curtains. The plain white area takes up most of the inside of the valance. That makes the whole valance peaceful and cozy.

In contrast to previous ideas, the valance is arranged in this iconic way to remind us of traditional valance arrangements of our ancestors.

Seductive cuisine Volant

Seductive kitchen apron
Source: Thomasbrick.com

You can place the valance on top of the window as shown in this picture. This becomes possible when there is a small or sufficient clearance between the ceiling and the windows, as shown in the picture. Some of you can set up a window with this positioning.

The valance contains beautiful and seductive curtains with red as the motif color. The cloth is neatly arranged. The valance matches the artificial stones on the kitchen wall.

With the placement and arrangement of the flounces, traditional aromas fill this modern kitchen. Once again, the modern kitchen is changing certain traditional aspects of the kitchen.

Tasteful kitchen Volant

Tasteful kitchen Volant
Source: zaxue.net

A kitchen valance always surprises us how the decorative curtains are arranged. We believe women love to turn even the smallest part of a kitchen into an artistic place. And that doesn’t always mean you need a big budget to buy the best fabrics.

Take this idea as an example. The valance does not seem to accommodate any premium fabrics. This conquers our hearts thanks to the double valance arrangement. With grapes as the flounce theme, she chooses red as the motif color.

The second layer is laid in this simple, graceful way. We can’t resist this tasteful kitchen apron either.

Beautiful kitchen valance

Beautiful kitchen valance
Source: colorup5k.com

Here, too, Kitchen Valance is a showcase for various placement models. This time the valance arrangement looks so beautiful. It contains its own classic style which makes this place yet another decoration for this kitchen.

The valance arrangement leaves two undulating parts on the left and right side of the valance. Leaves and flowers become subjects for the flounce again. Only the colors are green, white and red.

Elegant kitchen valance

Elegant kitchen valance
Source: neographer.com

Although the flounce is rich in motifs, it looks elegant and slightly firm. This is due to the placement of the valance and the thick fabrics used for the curtains. The valance consists of two parts.

One part relates to the patterned motif, while the other is solid color. The assembly leads to the graceful valance, which gives a little classic touch.

Cool kitchen valance

Cool kitchen valance
Source: trompetdynamics.com

Playing with stripes can give your kitchen apron a cool and simple look. You can choose two or more than two colors with vertical composition as shown in the picture. This last suggestion prefers to keep the valance modest.

In this casual way, the curtains fall down to protect the third of the window. The flounce chooses black and super soft green for the theme colors. Simply experimenting with some formations with the colors makes this valance a trendy one.

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