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Galley Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Galley Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen lighting ideas for the kitchen

KITCHEN LIGHTING IDEAS – The pantry kitchen lighting provides radiation for a small area. You don’t need a lot of lightbulbs or lamps for a narrow kitchen because it uses too much energy.

With this in mind, you probably think that kitchen lighting in the galley is limited to single or flush lighting concepts. Our list instead tells you about wealthy kitchen lighting in the galley to get you out of the simple kitchen lighting in the galley that you know most of the time.

Stylish kitchen lighting in the galley

Stylish kitchen lighting in the galley
Source: Secureidm.com

We all know a little light bulb. How about some different sized lightbulbs brought together? Sounds cool right? That becomes a general concept of this kitchen lighting concept.

The lighting consists of five light bulbs that take on different shapes, from small to large. The focus is on the largest light bulb. Each of the light bulbs is connected with its own cable and then hung on the kitchen ceiling.

The lighting falls over the kitchen countertop. This simple idea turns out to be stylish kitchen lighting.

Modified pantry kitchen lighting

Modified pantry kitchen lighting
Source: familyhouseremodeling.com

This pantry uses two types of lighting. Our focus is on pendant lights. The lighting looks so unique because it changes the vintage lighting style. You can get this flavor from a chandelier that becomes the centerpiece of the lighting.

Unlike most chandelier-inspired lights, this one protects the chandelier with a bird’s nest cover. The cover and holder all use the strong metal. This makes the lighting look robust and old at the same time.

The lighting falls over the wooden kitchen island, which also looks vintage. This lighting shows sophisticated lighting that no kitchen room knows.

Fitted kitchen lighting in the galley

Fitted kitchen lighting in the galley
Source: traditionalhome.com

Two built-in round lamps are located just above the sidewalk of this pantry kitchen. This is probably the most common lighting position that most of us are familiar with. With the arrangement, the lighting can spread rays into all corners of the kitchen.

For your information, the built-in lighting goes so well with a minimalist kitchen like this one. The lighting style can maintain a simple style of the kitchen due to the limited space. The built-in lighting does not work alone.

It is supported by the pendant light and the large windows. This kitchen knows very well how to make a healthy pantry.

Relaxed kitchen lighting in the galley

Relaxed kitchen lighting in the galley
Source: festhome.com

Loosen up your pantry a little with the right kitchen lighting that can calm your mind. Typically, a pantry contains advanced kitchen gadgets and tools. This futuristic tone contrasts with the soft colors used here.

After white, the kitchen chooses gray lighting to achieve a mildness that comes from the white cabinets and ceilings, among other things. Interesting enough to notice that the kitchen selects two pendant lights.

The two concepts are all inspired by the lighting in the country house kitchen, which creates a relaxing and homely feeling in the kitchen.

Lively kitchen lighting in the galley

Lively kitchen lighting in the galley
Source: hgtv.com

A pantry should be bright and lively. That is probably the main goal of this hall kitchen. To achieve this goal, this kitchen chooses this beautiful pendant light that falls over the kitchen countertop.

The lighting creates vibrant rays that are sufficient for many activities in this narrow kitchen. The lighting becomes the only spotlight for this kitchen at night. The bright beam of light is enough for the kitchen to place just one lamp.

During the day, the kitchen can simply open the windows to let in fresh rays and air.

Simple galley lighting

Simple pantry kitchen lighting
Source: homedit.com

Yes, sometimes all you need is a lightbulb that can create a powerful beam for your pantry. A quick tip for this idea: choose the subway kitchen splashback as shown in this picture. The backsplash appears to be shiny which helps to increase the beam level produced by the lightbulb.

Another tip is to go for the glossy countertop and white and minimalist furniture. The materials can slightly increase the beam produced by the lightbulb. From now on there are rules for making the light bulb that is enough for this pantry kitchen.

Apply one that suits your kitchen situation.

DIY kitchen lighting in the kitchen

DIY kitchen lighting in the kitchen
Source: jgwilliamsdesign.com

Our seventh pantry has similar properties to the sixth. This brings us to understand that this kitchen also relies on small lightbulbs to create rays for the kitchen. This time the kitchen is taking a creative step.

You can make this idea yourself. Use clear covers to spread the beam widely. Then insert the small light bulbs into the covers. The final step is to hang them on the kitchen ceiling as suggested by the kitchen.

Precisely? For the predominantly white element, the beam may be wider than expected.

Graduated galley lighting

Graduated galley lighting
Source: baneproject.com

Think of the ceiling of your kitchen as a canvas waiting for your creativity to turn it into an artistic idea. That probably drives this kitchen to choose this lighting. The lighting consists of a pendant lamp.

What makes the lighting so great is the tiered coverage of the lighting. The lid concept is reminiscent of the step ceiling. The lighting looks great, which makes the lighting a real eye catcher in this kitchen.

The lighting is located between the kitchen and dining room.

Cozy pantry kitchen lighting

Cozy pantry kitchen lighting
Source: Architecturaldigest.com

We can’t resist the strong art mode in this cramped kitchen. Most of the kitchen is clad in black and white and has a minimalist design with meticulous kitchen appliances and dishes.

The kitchen selects two large built-in lights to match the colors. The lamps are enough to create rays for the pantry kitchen. The size of each lamp makes lighting a cool thing.

The lighting selects the classic mode, which creates cozy and peaceful moods.

Cool kitchen kitchen lighting

Cool kitchen kitchen lighting
Source: tlight.us

We are very interested in the kitchen lighting in the galley because of the small placement of the lamps. The lighting comes from the straight holder that holds the small lamps. The lamps point in different directions.

Each of the lamps produces weak rays. When everyone is on, the beam will reach all parts of the kitchen. If this is not enough, you can turn on the lights under the cabinet.

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