Tips for choosing the original French country house furniture

The first thing you need to do is get acquainted with solid wood and French country designs in furniture. If you gain experience in getting to know these pieces of furniture, it will be easy for you to identify the real furniture from France without any difficulty.

The color selection of French country house furniture is very specific. If you have seen some pieces of furniture from France, you must have become familiar with the type of colors that rural people used to paint their furniture. Light shades with indefinite hues were often used, and mostly cream and roasted peanut color.

The third thing that you can clearly tell if the furniture is of country origin is its construction. They didn’t use glue to glue two pieces together or make a connection, but the wood is carved and joined to give what a braid would look like. You will not find nails and staples on the delicate joints of the furniture like the drawers of the wardrobes, as these do not look noble and do not come into contact with nails.

French country furniture is cute and has a vintage aura. You can choose it for your entire home as the versatile pieces of furniture will meet all your home furniture needs. Otherwise, it is a tasteful style of living to decorate a room or just the hallway with French country house furniture.

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