Shady Outdoor Kitchen Pergolas For Backyard

Shady Outdoor Kitchen Pergolas For Backyard

Outdoor kitchens are often a part of modern living space, especially for those of you who want to utilize a small area in the garden or backyard. However, due to its location outside the room, the kitchen area is certainly exposed, so you need to add a roof as part of the outdoor kitchen decoration. Among the many open kitchen designs, the pergola roof is the most popular material. Aside from being a protective roof, a pergola can make a room more multifunctional. The pergola not only protects the kitchen area from any weather but also gives your kitchen an aesthetic appeal.

Pergolas for open kitchens save more money than other materials. Usually made of wood, aluminum, glass or even iron with adjustable size. That’s why you can add a pergola if necessary. Do you want to cover the entire kitchen area? or leave it half open? Here are some inspirations for shady and practical outdoor kitchen pergola for the backyard.

1. Aesthetic wooden pergola with a holiday feeling

Aesthetic Backyard Kitchen Pergola Design

Have you ever imagined being able to cook and enjoy a meal on a fun vacation? Combine the kitchen pergola with the desired Christmas decorations. From rattan chandeliers, tropical plants, antique furniture sets to beautiful kitchen backdrops, this will be a favorite area for the whole family.

2. Wooden pallet pergola in a minimalist style

Kitchen pergolas made of wooden pallets for outdoor use

This open kitchen gives the impression of minimalism, warmth and comfort. Starting with the pallet pergola integrated into the wooden floor, you will enjoy being outside surrounded by lots of plants.

3. Wooden pergola with fairy lights


You don’t have to cover the entire roof to look nice. This kitchen pergola idea only protects part of the kitchen area but still looks amazing. The beautiful shape of the wooden pergola in combination with the fairy lights is perfect for decorating a bright kitchen in summer.

4. Elegant wood panel pergola

Outdoor wood panel kitchen pergolas

There are many pergola variants for open kitchens, including ones with natural accents such as wooden panels. Composed of neatly arranged wooden panel material, your kitchen looks luxurious and elegant. One of the walls is clad in wood, making the kitchen area feel perfectly integrated.

5. Budget-friendly bamboo pergolas

Outdoor bamboo kitchen pergolas

In addition to wood, you can also make a kitchen pergola out of bamboo. This idea is no less nice for a pergola in general and will certainly be much cheaper. To make it look more modern, combine it with aluminum as a frame that supports the bamboo roof.

6. Pergola with opening and closing system

Open and close outdoor kitchen pergola design

Do you want an outdoor kitchen pergola to feel practical and flexible? Try to install a pergola equipped with a steel or aluminum opening and closing system. This design is not only multifunctional but can also be customized to suit your needs.

7. Glass pergola for extra space

modern glass kitchen pergolas

If you need more space, why not try building a glass pergola into an open kitchen? Although it is made of glass, many glass materials currently have UV protection and do not break easily. Additionally, placing a glass pergola will allow you to get more natural light.

8. Modern pergola with a simple style

Cool and modern outdoor kitchen pergola with black accents

If the outdoor kitchen is often used as a relaxation area, a pergola with a simple design is the best option. As with the pergola design in general, you can add black color to give it a modern look. Set up a lawn chair and coffee table and grab your favorite book to enjoy the day.