Pendant lights Unique materials

Modern designers can be inspired by everything they create. Designer Julia Kononenko presented a collection of eye-catching lighting pieces: Nut C and Nut S. What was your inspiration? Maybe bottles because these two lamps definitely remind you of them.

The Nut-C collection of pendant lights consists of two ceiling lights that differ slightly in design. The upper part of the wood with an elongated stem resembles the cute little hat of a hazelnut. The rather simple silhouette meets an interesting construction of different materials that are held together in a unique way. Wood, metal and leather are a successful combination and give the design a sophisticated atmosphere that warms every room!

Such lamps fit into any modern room and make a statement. With their unusual design, they can easily emphasize high ceilings. The unique combination of materials does not go unnoticed! Use them separately or in clusters for a bolder look.

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