House with garden on three levels

House with garden on three levels

BAM! arquitectura designed a modern concrete house in San Isidro, Argentina for a client who is passionate about landscape design.

The house was designed to have a garden that connects all architectural floors and is immediately visible from the front door. Outside, the furnished terrace leads to a swimming pool. From this view, you can also see modern wooden shutters that add a natural touch to the concrete structure of the house. At the end of the pool there is a vegetable garden and a patio with a fire pit. There are concrete stairs and a garden leading from the bedroom to the roof.

The main social areas are open plan with the living and dining room sharing the space whilst large sliding doors lead to the terrace and garden creating an indoor/outdoor living environment. The kitchen is next to the dining room. Floor-to-ceiling light wood cabinets have been paired with a long white island for a sleek, modern look. Concrete stairs with a steel handrail lead to the upper level of the house where the bedrooms and bathrooms are located. The master bedroom is filled with natural light through the large sliding glass door that opens to the roof.

On the highest level of the roof garden there is a terrace with a view of the surroundings. From this angle you can also see how the garden meets the living room on the ground floor of the house.

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