Nursery decorating ideas

Waiting for a little miracle? Then you are probably decorating a nursery for your child or children and you may have trouble with it. Let’s see how to effectively decorate a nursery and what to have in it. Firstly it is a baby sleeping area with a cot; second, it’s a dressing room; These two are the most important rooms in any nursery. Do not forget to properly organize a nursery’s wardrobe, leaving some space for yourself. how do you do it all right Here is some advice.

sleeping area

The main element in a nursery is of course your child’s cot. It should be comfortable, functional, and maybe versatile if you want it to be. Make this area a focal point: add a canopy, sign, gallery wall, and don’t forget to use a cell phone to keep baby occupied and let them enjoy the cell phone before they fall asleep.

change stations

This is another very important area in your child’s room, it should be super functional, practical storage solutions are a key to success here. Have your dressing room repurpose, sand and paint an old table or dresser to match your nursery style. Hang a pegboard and attach shelves and hooks for storage, use drawers, cubes or just make open shelves over the changing table. If your child’s room is small, a foldable changing table is a brilliant idea, there are many of these on the market.


Things for children are quite small, so you do not need much space for a children’s closet. If you add a holder for hangers, cubes, boxes, shelves, you can store not only clothes and shoes there, but also other things that you may need for the baby. If you have doors, you can even hide your changing table there. The closet can also be opened or curtained to hide it.

Seating area for parents

One thing we always forget when decorating a nursery is the parents’ corner, a place to sit while your baby sleeps, while you read to the child or during other activities. Make your personal corner comfortable and cozy because you will spend a lot of time there. Choose the most comfortable chair or armchair, optimally padded to keep you warm and cozy at all times. Add a fun ottoman or ottoman and you can decorate that area in some way too. If it’s a double children’s room, put a long seat between two beds to make it comfortable. If the nursery is too small, use the windowsill to sit comfortably.

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