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Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Storage ideas for the kitchen

KITCHEN WAREHOUSE IDEAS – Is it possible to have a kitchen without storage space? Most of you can imagine that the question does not need an answer. Storage plays an important role as a ceiling, wall, floor and kitchen device.

A small outdoor kitchen even requires storage space. Among the myriad of storage styles out there, some of you may be wondering what type of storage is best for your kitchen. So we recommend 10 kitchen storage concepts if you’re looking for advice.

Light kitchen shelf

Light kitchen shelf
Source: mullanlighting.com

Can there be a better combination of nature and relief? The two feelings are at the top of this kitchen’s wish list. The glass ceiling and the wall relieve the heart. The natural clay comes from the wood and the plants.

The kitchen chooses light wood as storage material. The upper part of the kitchen is filled with an open lower wooden space. The kitchen hangs up the cooking utensils, puts the collectibles and plants in an open lower room.

The closed space under the worktop consists of drawers and cupboards. The entire storage concept adds a wide mode for the kitchen.

Fashionable kitchen shelf

Fashionable kitchen shelf
Source: Festivalmontmelas.com

For this house, a kitchen is not just a place for cooking and the like. A kitchen is another canvas for bringing certain essential things together under an artistic concept. However, this kitchen can transform itself into yet another fashionable area within this home.

No wonder this kitchen takes up storage styles like no other. Most of the kitchen space consists of an open cabinet that ranges from books to collectibles. The kitchen buys this extravagant kitchen island, which itself offers open storage space.

There is a closed side room under the worktop where bills, dishes and other documents can be stored.

Happy kitchen storage

Have fun storing it in the kitchen
Source: thekitchn.com

Get out of the typical warehouse color. That is the main idea for this kitchen space. Neither brown nor white, Tosca (between green and blue) becomes the theme color for the kitchen shelf.

Happy and fresh feelings can be felt immediately when we step into this kitchen. Like most kitchens, the kitchen chooses a drawer and cabinet to store kitchen utensils and cooking utensils. The memory covers the transparent one on the back.

You can consider this color-based storage style to demonstrate the love for our earth. Don’t forget to hang up the plants shown here.

Generous kitchen area

Generous kitchen area
Source: packersedge.com

A little tip for everyone who has little space. Use a minimalist storage concept with open or floating sub-storage to create a wide atmosphere. Combine glass, shiny material and light wood.

The storage room must contain cladding cabinets and drawers. The special design works with the floating and open bottom to showcase the collectibles, dishes and bottles. The kitchen island for picking up dirty dishes before washing.

The general storage style helps keep the kitchen spacious while looking elegant at the same time.

Clever kitchen storage

Clever kitchen storage
Source: bertch.com

The spacious kitchen doesn’t have to be a limited kitchen’s wish list. This particular mode also attracts a large kitchen, at least that includes our opinion for that kitchen. From the choice of materials to the style of storage, the kitchen does it so well.

The store chooses gray and brown, two colors that create a comfortable mode and match the floor. Various underlay styles are used for storage in this kitchen, from floating to closed, viewed from the cabinets and drawers.

There is the kitchen island with the drawers and the open substructure design. Such a clever composition!

Practical storage in the kitchen

Practical storage in the kitchen
Source: smithandsmith.com.au

We can learn a profound lesson from this example. The kitchen implements a storage idea that fits the shape of the kitchen. The kitchen occupies an L-shaped area with a large window and a modern classic as the general style.

The modern classic kitchen style can be described as overwhelming due to the bulky and expensive furnishings and furniture. To avoid this possible tone, the kitchen creates a kitchen island that faces the window.

The kitchen island serves as additional storage space for books and dishes. The window houses the plant and the decoration.

Chic kitchen shelf

Chic kitchen shelf
Source: cheatersutopia.com

Most of us won’t notice. One of our kitchen corners can become a chic place in our kitchen. In addition, not necessarily expensive storage material. This proposal proves that.

The floating lower storage tank becomes part of the overall storage tank in this kitchen. In addition to the cupboards and drawers, the kitchen uses the corner as an exhibition space.

From now on the kitchen hangs on the stepped floating plinth, which contains the beautiful dishes, the plant and the drawing. Cuteness to the max!

Economic kitchen storage

Economic kitchen storage
Source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Small kitchen owners need to be familiar with this organization of kitchen storage. In addition to the shelf, the floating mat helps you with small glasses on spices, bowls, plates and even book recipes.

This kitchen does the job well by taking advantage of the space available to store all of the kitchen gadgets, tools, and food ingredients. The storage space consists of the drawers, the cabinets and the floating one.

The kitchen also hangs the knives on the backsplash.

Efficient storage in the kitchen

Efficient storage in the kitchen
Source: Architecturaldigest.com

A pantry kitchen faces the most complex storage problem. This picture speaks everything. The kitchen occupies a very narrow space that is divided into two parts. The kitchen chooses the right side for storage only.

On the right, there are underlay styles from top to bottom, from tiered open storage to closed cabinets. The concept enables the storage of various kitchen-related items for the presentation of collectibles such as beautiful ceramics and plants.

Remember to use lightweight material for storage as suggested in this kitchen.

Old school kitchen storage

Old school kitchen storage
Source: traditionalhome.com

We close this list with a kitchen storage style that most of us don’t see often these days. We believe that the house is a traditional house as it is in the village or in the country.

You can prove that with the storage concept that looks so old-fashioned. The storage space consists of the antique drawers and cupboards.

There is a pad with the glass covers that appear to be attached to the kitchen wall. Our favorite is the open lower storage tank on one of the corners. Fixing the pad to the kitchen wall was a traditional warehouse organization in the past.

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