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Eclectic Living Room Ideas

Eclectic Living Room Ideas

Eclectic living room ideas

IDEAS FOR AN ECLECTIC LIVING ROOM – The versatile living room concept allows us to bring some ideas into a room that lead to a certain overall feeling. Typically, a versatile living room will look crowded, but with the right arrangement.

There may be a task with applying this interior decoration. If you can’t be fair with furniture and decorations, the room can look noisy or overwhelming. This can make family members feel more difficult than peaceful.

To avoid this, we offer a list of eclectic living room patterns.

Casual, versatile living room

Casual, versatile living room
Source: blueridgeapartments.com

Our first idea suggests rustic elements as a basic requirement for a living room. The floor and armchair all use wood materials, which means a rustic look here.

We don’t specifically categorize the ottoman and cabinet as they represent mid-century furniture design. Rustic and mid-century are good ways to create an overall homely, casual atmosphere.

The already very positive mood is supported by the minimalist sectional sofa and the open storage space. The room is an affluent place for all family members to simply chat or play music.

Pure, versatile living room

Pure, versatile living room
Source: idealhome.co.uk

With white as the dominant color, you can’t create a pure living room with lots of small displays like this one. This area mostly features vintage and shabby chic sub interior designs that go well together.

The massive, white sofa with upholstery, the table and the short, open storage space stand for shabby chic. You can turn aged furniture into versatile. While that classic feel is visible through some old, cute displays like the phone.

The small family portraits, which mostly appear in black and white, act like a time machine that reminds all family members of the golden old days with which they are strongly connected today.

Natural, versatile living room

Natural, versatile living room
Source: Pinterest

Even without fresh plants or flowers, this living room looks natural. The recipe is due to the long windows, exposed brick wall and wooden floor. The windows let in natural air and light. The wall part cools the temperature of the room.

The wall part with the floor covering has the same task. Interestingly, the room doesn’t look old or dated. The room chooses the minimalist sectional sofa and modern lamps. With the red carpets on the wooden floor you get a light traditional flair.

Therefore, the spot feels natural, minimalist and antique.

Freshness in the versatile living room

Freshness in the versatile living room.
Source: Southernliving.com

A versatile living room gives you the opportunity to experience freshness all day long. Combine coastal design, classic furniture and farmhouse sub-concepts for the space you want. Install large windows to allow natural air and light to enter the living room.

Have plants and flowers for top refreshment that also creates a coastal atmosphere. Complete the atmosphere with beach ornaments, including the glasses used as vases. Choose a voluminous, comfortable armchair with the soft cushions as a classic tone.

The fireplace and the long wooden table offer farmhouse mode.

Complete, versatile living room

Complete, versatile living room
Source: curbed.com

We call our fifth of 10 versatile living room ideas our ideal versatile room. Within a relatively long room you can see that the area has different functions, such as: a living room, a dining room and a study or study.

Wooden floors and mid-century furniture become dominant interiors here. The two indeed inevitable mix that gives a homely and warm feeling. However, the stove has a farmhouse feel to it.

The area feels more stylish, with neutral colors and cute displays on the stove. The plant and the flowers close the space with the utmost freshness.

French style in the versatile living area

French style in the versatile living area
Source: dreamingcroatia.com

Since the French style looks natural and neutral, why not combine it with the traditional seat point? Copy a lasting feeling in the living room of the past with wood materials.

As shown here, a bookcase allows you to install wooden walls from top to bottom. There is also a range of antique seating furniture. If you want to read for yourself, choose the armchair next to the stove. Hang chandelier lamp, candles for a glamorous element.

Add a romantic touch to the pillows and curtains, all of which have a similar floral pattern.

Fair sparks in the versatile living room

Fair sparks in the versatile living room
Source: doitdecor.co

Get the sunny side of French interior design and mix it up with plants and antique furniture. Despite the crowded ambience you can feel here, the area remains relaxed and lively. This is thanks to the most common plants and wood materials.

The light tone comes from the sofa set, the candles and the pendant lights. They all bring sparks to the entire room making it unique and not too shiny. Fair color shading plays an important role in this.

You can closely observe that all colors appear moderate even though yellow and orange are selected.

Artistic, versatile living room

Artistic, versatile living room

Just the upholstered sofa that brings smaller shabby chic elements to this room. Due to the playful concept with color, furnishing style and displays, the room appears versatile. The entire room is designed in a modern and minimalist design.

The room can propose different furniture ideas that show the best taste in art. You can see that in the blue chair, the trio, the tall lamps and the net-like, innovative seat. We believe that you will not take your eyes off the different, bright colors that surround the small glasses.

They fill in the open memory on the back, which identifies the groundbreaking spatial concept through color.

Free, versatile living room

Free, versatile living room

This living room gives you another opportunity to use a large space for all purposes. As can be seen here, the room accommodates all family members to dine, watch TV and wash dirty dishes together.

In the room you can see the rustic and coastal elements of the wooden floor and chairs in the dining area. The minimalism is definitely strong, even from the sectional sofa in the living room.

The window pane and the large windows make the area look relaxed.

Modern, versatile living room

Modern, versatile living room
Source: YouTube.com

Wrapped in a modern and versatile ambience, you can put some concepts clearly in the limelight. The industrial concept becomes visible through the wooden stairs with exposed concrete wall.

Minimalism is used in the sectional sofa, while the chairs and the coffee table look modern with a typical mid-century design. Black somehow dominates the living room and makes it richer.

Dark, elegant and open spaces, the area looks affluent.

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