Creative ideas for modern bathroom lights

Creative ideas for modern bathroom lights

Lights and lamps can absolutely transform the space, making it cozier, cooler and more eye-catching. Today we have prepared a number of adorable lighting ideas for your bathroom and believe me they can make the room. Opting for hidden lights is a great idea that can turn your bathroom into a super modern space. Just make sure there is enough light so as not to make the bathroom gloomy. Pendant lights and even statement chandeliers are the most popular option. Because they are modern, they can have a touch of glamour, industrial or any other style that suits the space. My favorites are ball pendant lights – just hang a few on one side of the mirror and your bathroom is trendy and gorgeous! Enjoy more great ideas below!

pendant lights / chandeliers

Pendant lights are the most popular in modern bathrooms: they are stylish, easy to use and can accentuate any zone you need: baths, sinks or showers. If you want an edgy and modern feel, you have a choice of matte and glossy metal lamps, tubular and other pendant lights made of clear and frosted glass in a variety of shapes – clear glass suits any decor, doesn’t frost and gives less light too. They can also be hung from different types of chains and simple cords – this depends on the look you want.

Wall and ceiling lights

Wall and ceiling lights are also a good idea for a modern bathroom – like wall lights, they are usually used in the sink. They give a lot of light to this corner and make all morning and evening routines easier and more comfortable. Choose clear and frosted glass and whimsical shapes and mount them next to mirrors. Ceiling lights are great as they literally don’t take up space but give light. Go for something laconic, modern and simple – no whimsical designs or overly sophisticated details.

Built-in lights

Built-in lights can be a good idea to give the space a minimal feel or to add another layer of light combining them with chandeliers and different types of lamps. Use mirrors with built-in lights and only built-in ceilings and walls for a cool look and lots of light.

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