iphone dock speakers

iPhone dock speakers are a cool thing, you can plug your phone in anywhere in the house and listen to your music or use them for a party – so cool and practical. The most important thing to look for in speakers is the sound – it should be clear and beautiful. Functionality is also a great thing. For example, if you buy a waterproof speaker, you can listen to music and sing in the bathroom if you want! But the design is also important. If a speaker is not cool, it can spoil your interior or even your party atmosphere. Designers do not disappoint here – the design of the loudspeakers inspires and surprises with every new model. We saw music cabinets, sound box desks, rusty wooden beams and many other no less original ideas. Today we have prepared another unique speaker for you, all retro fans, get ready to swoon! It’s Paolo Cappello’s Louis speaker for Newblack, which emulates the sound of vintage records. The unique instrument is suitable for all iPhones and other smartphones and amplifies the music stored on the device from its trumpet-like opening. The design is based on the iconic gramophone shape due to its subtly curved shape and inverted valve. The sound projected from the center gives a vintage quality and adds a new nostalgic layer to the existing song. Louis is available in three different colors. natural, graphite and yellow and comes with a specially tailored app. This is a new word in speaker design and it’s so cool! A combination of modern phone dock and retro sound is stunning.

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